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1. Title:A logic book : fundamentals of reasoning

Author: Robert M Johnson

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Thomson Wadsworth




Liz Barnsley Review: Warning: It is entirely possible that while reading Jack Sparks you’ll metaphorically die of laughter. Or of fright. Or possibly a mixture of both. But it’ll be worth it. Also keep lots of coffee handy coz this one will keep you up all night. And I am talking AFTER you have read it..

Anyway to the point, I loved this. I read it in a day. Not even a day. A matter of hours. It is utterly gripping and darkly witty to the point that you will laugh out loud and scare anyone in your general vicinity bu


Amal Bedhyefi Review: I have finished reading this book today and I still haven't decided whether I liked it or not.
La fille de Brooklyn is action-packed and suspenseful. The story is told from multiple points of view and it takes place in France and USA, which is Musso's favourite writing thingy lol.
Ive read a couple of books written by Musso before , maybe thats why I didnt find this book neither original nor surprising , the story is fine , that's it.
*The book contains 566 pages although I can easily remove some


Elyse Review: Clare Mackintosh wrote a 'timely' psychological grabber and crime chiller. In the near future, most people will live in a total surveillance state -- which for some people breeds fear of conformity and stifles free self expression.

This story clearly opens our eyes to the fact that we are living in a fishbowl.
Governments and large corporations have spread cameras, microphones and other tracking devices all across the globe, and they also have the capacity to store and process oceans of surveill


Candi Review: "In July 1969, a hundred or so black women crowded into a room, their attention commanded by the sounds and grainy images issuing forth from a small black-and-white television. The flickering light of the TV illuminated the women’s faces, the history of their country written in the great diversity of their features and hair and skin color, which ranged from near-ivory to almost-ebony, hues of beige and coffee and cocoa and topaz filling in between. Some of the women were approaching their golden


Li'l Owl Review: Description

Nana, a cat, is devoted to Satoru, his owner. So when Satoru decides to go on a roadtrip one day to find him a new home, Nana is perplexed. They visit Satoru's old friends from his school days and early youth. His friends may have untidy emotional lives but they are all animal lovers, and they also wonder why Satoru is trying to give his beloved cat away. Until the day Nana suddenly understands a long-held secret about his much-loved owner, and his heart begins to break. Narrated in


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