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Alex (Alex Can Read) Review: There’s so much more to the story than honey bees. In the last few years, at least for me, bees have been in the news more and more frequently. Bees dying! We’re all going to starve! No one knows how to stop colony collapse! Mites, fungus, and disease – oh my! And then, on the edges, I started hearing about mason bees. And then leafcutter bees. And then suddenly I owned a house, and keeping bees was suddenly something I could explore for more than just curiosity’s sake.

Our Native Bees by Paige E


Caz Review: I've given this an A at AAR.

A new book from Loretta Chase is always cause for celebration, and her latest, A Duke in Shining Armor, gets her new  Difficult Dukes  trilogy off to a start worthy of much festivity.  On the face of it, it’s the very simple story of two people falling in love with the ‘wrong’ (right) person and having to decide what they are willing to risk to be together; but this is Loretta Chase and in her hands, ‘simple’ encompasses fully-rounded characters with real emotional de


Rose Review: poetry or basic tumblr posts?


Angela T Review: Wow, what a story. From the moment Zeke rescued, Rayna from the human sex trafficking monster that had kidnapped her, over a year earlier, they were destined to be together. Zeke was a Special Forces agent in the US Army, and lived his life accordingly. Rayna, was a medic, quiet and rather reserved, due to the events that had recently happened. Until, Zeke, and his dominant ways woke feelings within, that she didn't know she possessed. Zeke tried to dissuade, Raynas advances, but eventually, lov


Jennifer G Review: Evelyn is a gargoyle in Chicago. As far as she knows she's the last gargoyle in the world. She's been alone since her parents were murdered fulfilling her role as a gargoyle, being a guardian of the world. So she lives with the humans as a rare bookseller part of each day and ruling the paranormal world the rest. She keeps the paranormals under control and punishes those who harm one another or humans. While following a demon case one night she encounters something, someone unexpected, another g


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