Partial Differential Equations and the Calculus of Variations: Essays in Honor of Ennio De Giorgi vol 2.pdf


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1. Title:Partial Differential Equations and the Calculus of Variations: Essays in Honor of Ennio De Giorgi vol 2

Author: De Giorgi, Ennio; De Giorgi, Ennio; Colombini, Ferruccio

FileType: djvu






Adan Review: Another great installment of Ellis, Shalvey, and Bellaire's sentient-AI-mucking-about-with-magic series. This arc focuses on Brigid as she investigates a stone circle in Cornwall. I was sad that there was no Vivek Headland this time, but I'm sure he'll show up again soon enough.


Marilyn Belsham Review: Not as easy to read as some other similar books that I've read recently. The information presented feels reliable but the format left something to be desired. I would prefer to be able to quickly flip back to sections on what food I should be eating or which supplements I need to take and that's just not how this is laid out. Essentially I would have to skim read each section to try and find the info that I'm looking for. This isn't a book that I'll return to time and again because of that.


Karli Review: A plane crash has left Margaret with a life she doesn't recognize. Is Chip her fiancé or isn't he? What exactly is her prognosis? Why does her mother insist on redecorating her hospital room? Why does everyone insist on framing this in how it affects them rather than her?

I think this last question is the most interesting to me in the novel - when you're a good girl, when you have always done what is expected, then there is this ability for people to expect that you'll always defer, to be nice, t


Charity Andrews Review: In 1892, as the World Fair was coming to Chicago, Tiffany (as in glass, not diamonds) was preparing to enter gorgeous, stained glass windows and other displays. The men were on strike, so Mr. Tiffany decided to hire women, for the first time in history. These women endured mistreatment, groping, being spit at and a number of other atrocities. They were not considered women of “good repute” if they had jobs, so men figured that they didn’t have to treat them as ladies.

Much to her parents dismay,


Maren Prestegaard Review: I did not love this book even though it was in Trelease's handbook.


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