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karen Review: this book has an average rating of 4.34 with 2,119 ratings. that's really high.

and it's terrible.

and i'm not one of these assholes that likes to trash something that other people like. usually i try to figure out who would like it, even if i didn't myself, because i'm just one reader yadda yadda ranganathan, but in this case, the only people i can see actually enjoying it are 13-year-old girls who are all starry-eyed over some boy. and that's fine - nothing wrong with little girls reading and w


Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Review: A set of five short little horror stories.
Everyone loves this book.
Everyone says don't read these at dark.
I thought I would flip out over this book.

I didn't.
I think I may not be the target audience for something like this.
I'm not really a fan of short stories. At least the ones that have no definite endings.

It does have some awesome artwork though. I think if I had read these when I was a teenager I went have went bonkers over them. But my old jaded ass just didn't care for it now because i


Laura Review: [Received an ARC from the editor.]

I was invited by a fellow Goodreads user to an "event" about this book, which at first I assumed was an actual physical presentation somewhere-I-could-not-go-to. However, after analyzing the event, I realized, in fact, the company was giving an Advandced Readers Copy (ARC) to those who were willing to read and receive it - and of course, I said yes!
If you can't tell by my being here, I love books and I also love writing; one of my dreams is to write a book, a ta


Chris Hyde Review: I must admit, I’m usually not one to like devotional books. I’ve read many over the years and hate the “fluff” that is found in many devotionals. I find that what is given to the reader is a few short paragraphs that amount to “Christianity Lite” and I find I’m always looking for more. As a reviewer for Thomas Nelson Publishers, though, I decided to give this devotional a try.

This devotional book, with a reading for each day of the year, is the most unique devotional I’ve ever read. The author,


Amber Review: Man I really really wanted to like this book. I enjoy nonfiction and I loved the subject matter the author went after. However, this was just so dry. It felt very clinical as opposed to experiencing life with these women. Also some of the facts that the author was trying to get across were so repeated their value lost meaning. Bummer because it could have been SOOO good.


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