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1. Title:Нестор Махно (ЖЗЛ: Жизнь Замечательных Людей)

Author: Голованов Василий

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Молодая гвардия




Ashley Review: Vivid details. Solid main characters. Haunting. This was a well-written book, but not what I was expecting or would have chosen had I known the content.

This was a dark story with a demonic (not occult) presence throughout. Michael is a paroled killer pursued by local vigilantes. The demon that lives within him causes death to surround him and has a self-preservation that protects him.

While I appreciate the skill and artistic ability of the author to craft such a story, it was difficult for me t


Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾ Review: 4.5 Beauty and the Beast Stars

I almost want to laugh at how messed up we are.
Two completely shattered souls doing a weird approach-and-recoil dance around each other.

Remember Olivia from Isn't She Lovely? She was Ethan's ex girlfriend who broke his heart. Ring a bell? What started out with a lighthearted take on Pygmalion, now continues with an angsty and emotional take of Beauty and the Beast with Broken. This is the story of 2 damaged souls, Olivia and Paul. One is seeking penance while th


Charlie Moses Review: I actually read the omnibus volume that contained "welcome to the Jungle", "Storm Front" and "Fool Moon". Finding that particular edition to write a review for when it is exactly the same thing (except for printing all of it) as in this one wasn't happening. So: yes, interesting to compare what I remember of the written novel with the graphic novel version. Some of the artwork is gorgeous, but that also depends on the artist involved. They don't stay constant, which is the thing that bothers me


Azzurra Sichera Review: Mi è piaciuto il modo in cui la Tuti, via via nel libro, tratteggia la sua protagonista, il commissario Teresa Battaglia. Ho trovato incredibili le pagine in cui parla della solitudine e del dolore come presenze reali nella vita della donna, costretta adesso ad affrontare un nuovo dramma che la spinge ad avere compassione di sé, a modificare le sue abitudini, a tratteggiare le giornate in modo diverso per non perdersi.

Un thriller che ha una protagonista unica, che mi auguro di ritrovare presto (


Maqluba Review: eh.


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