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1. BCAD - Учебник для начинающих Виноградов А.В., Блинов В.Н., Малюх В.Н. doc 7630336 Russian [Download]


Sylvester Olson Review: I never planned on reading this. But now that Donald Trump is trying to prevent its release, it's now the highest priority on my reading list.


Amy Rae Review: I've been on a vintage YA kick lately, and it seemed wrong to read a bunch of old teen books and not try The One That Started It All: Seventeenth Summer, often pointed to as the first modern young adult novel. (Plus, I'm a little fascinated by what a game-changer this book was. Can we please talk about how there was a literary prize named after it, and yet there are almost no details available on that fact? It's enough to make a girl want to write a thesis.)

Seventeenth Summer is a book I found m


Emily Bower Review: "Xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xx.
Xxxx x xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx x xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xx!"

(Sorry! It's a secret! You'll just have to read the book!)


Erica Review: I'd give this story a 2 but I'm adding a whole star for the cane. I really enjoyed learning about sugar cane.

This wasn't as eye-roll-worthy as The Fixer Upper though the two books are quite similar in that Dad gives yankee daughter property in the south and she has to go clean it up and make it work. Helpful men abound, bitchy old ladies terrorize, and handsome Suthrn Gentlemen come a-callin'
Charly isn't as dim and ridiculous as Dempsey, but she is still quite incapable. She's more like the inno


Kimkbries Review: Mateo has been wanting to purchase the mountain for years. Damon, the owner is all in except his daughter is fighting it. Without her blessing the sale is a no go. Elizabeth doesn’t want to sell something she wants for herself. When she meets Mateo they do not get along at all. Can Mateo convince her so the sale can go through or will they end up bickering their way to a stalemate. What happens as these two spend time together was so enjoyable to read. Their chemistry was off the charts but thei


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