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1. Title:Calculus, Volume I: One-Variable Calculus, with an Introduction to Linear Algebra

Author: Tom M. Apostol

FileType: djvu

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons





Benji Martin Review: It’s like this cat has the best opening line of any Newbery I’ve read so far, even the famous ‘Dark and stormy” line from Wrinkle in Time. “My father is always talking about how a dog can be very educational for a boy. This is one reason I got a cat.” Genius, right? I knew right then that I was going to enjoy this one,and I did. I really related to Dave. I too grew up in a house with an attorney father who liked to argue. Luckily, I had a brother who did most of the arguing back. The tone was ir


Suzanne Review: Volunteering at my daughter’s high school library has its perks. Not only do I get to look at books all day, but I get to borrow. I was generifying the senior fiction section before Christmas when I found books on my list such as this one, and books by my Goodreads friends as well: Lynne Stringer and Adele Jones. Very exciting!

I see some weird judgemental reviews here on this book. This book educates. This book is fiction. This book shows us life is not always a cup of coffee easy. Is it?

This b


Claire Review: it's been a while since I could say this.....

But there are no words. This has left me speechless....and a little frustrated at the end!!!!!

PLEASE say there's another book coming!!!!

Amazing story written well..

Astrid is trying to piece together the perfect day she experienced with a guy before she was hit by a car and lost those memories. Other events happen that mean the guy can't find get and has to be her finding him....

Every other chapter is a piece of Astrids memory or dream of the day as s


♥Rachel♥ Review: Really liked this one! Review to come.


Amber Robertson Review: THIS REVIEW IS ALSO ON MY BLOG

M I N I   R E V I E W
I tried to work out how to write this as a full-length review, however, I was stumped every time I went to start or tried to work out what I wanted to write; here I am doing a mini review which may become longer than anticipated.
The Nowhere Girls was a book that I was scared to read. I really didn’t know what was going to happen throughout. However, I am left in tears. I have tears rolling down my face, as I realise how many girls aren’t believe


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