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1. Title:Завет грядущего - Библия будущего. Книга 1

Author: Арепьев И.В.

FileType: pdf

Publisher:М.: Центр АРИГОР




Lindsey Silvestrini Review: What a page turner! This is one of those rare books you put up and you just can't put down! Driftwood Tides was well written and paced and best of all, not at all predictable!

As I was reading I was entirely convinced I knew exactly what would happen with Libby and her search for her birth mother but I was dead wrong. I love when that happens! There is nothing worse than reading a book so predictable you can guess the ending.

Libby wants to learn about her birth mother and gets an internship with


Richard Guion Review: This volume features Brigid, the hacker, as the primary protagonist. She has all this cool tech on her clothes, and an AI assistant, but everything she does bleeds the line between tech and magic. There’s an Injection event around a Stonehenge like mound and Maria dispatches Brigid out to take a look. You finally get a sense of what that Tardis-like chamber in Brigid’s lab can do, and there are other Doctor Who parallels, come to think of it. Not as fun as volume 2 and no appearances by Vivek or


Jaidee Review: 1.5 "sociocultural, soft porn and soap opera" stars.

2015 Most Disappointing Read (tie)

I want to start off by saying I read two books by Amy Tan in my twenties that I liked very much. These were the Joy Luck Club and The Kitchen God's Wife. They were interesting and about complicated relationships but written in an accessible and intelligent way.

This current book took eight years to write and I want to say it was just an awful reading experience. Eight years to write this tortuous book.

The book


Katie Tillwick Review: A thrilling historical novel, the follow up to 'House of Dreams'. The characters in the version were much more likeable, one of the main issues with the first book. Thu redeems herself in this page turning finale. The only downside was a sense of disbelief at the ending.


Staring·Girl Review:
“Do you want someone to write about you, Billy?” Caul asked.

“I guess I could use the money. When I get better and go out into society, I’ll need something to support me. Who would give me a job?”

“Aside from the money, how do you think you’d feel about the whole world reading about your life?”

Billy frowned. “I think people should know. It could help them understand what child abuse can lead to.”

Μια ψαλιδιά ένιωσα στο νου
σαν να'χε χωριστεί
έπιασα να το ράψω
μα δεν ταίριαζε η κλωστή.

I felt a cleava


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