Изменение собственного поля частиц, генерация электромагнитного излучения и сверхсветовая связь в природе.pdf


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1. Title:Изменение собственного поля частиц, генерация электромагнитного излучения и сверхсветовая связь в природе

Author: Арепьев Ю.Д.

FileType: pdf





Jacqueline Ellison Review: Atlas Tigri and Ebony Verlaine deal with a lot but have great chemistry. This book as so much going on from secrets, betrayal, and death to name a few things. I liked the charity for Haven and what they do fo people. The character names are really unique which I thought was creative. I voluntarily received this book to review for my honest opinion.


Kaitlyn Review: This was my first read by Ms. Foster and just wow!!! Talk about a page turner. There was so much going on that I couldn’t put this book down. Some suspense about Deacon’s job to feeling Grace’s pain in the situations in her life. But together these two are a force to be reckoned with. They can be themselves with each other. They can be who they are. And that, that is the best part about these two!


Les Review: So...yeah. I think I'm just barely on the outer cusp of the fringe element of this book's target audience. I am a small business owner and a new one at that, but I am not a "rah-rah"/rise-n'-grind son/top of my lungs power-speak type and the jargon of that whole approach usually turns me off. Couple that with his admiration for Donald Trump (geezus - even if he did just mean for business) and him citing George Bush as a great leader. No. In what world (rhetorical)? And the whole thing is sort of


Calista Review: This is Fables take on Animal Farm. Snow and Rose head up to the upstate farm to have some bonding time. When they get there they encounter a secret meeting taking place. Things are a little off and Weyland, the care taker, is no where to be seen. All the animals from stories are up here on the farm. The animals from the Jungle Book, nursery rhymes.

Rose figures out what is happening. It's a nicely told tale and the giants are in this one as well. There are lots of moments of whose side is this c


Baba Review: 2 that's-friggin'-all-there-was-to-it??? stars. Review posted May 25, 2014

It started off innocent enough, like this…

…and then later on the entire plot (excuse me, there was actually no plot at all) turned into a HUGE fuck-tastic fest. Holy friggin'…um…I'm going to zip it, I mean my mouth not my pants. To be honest, I don't walk around with unzipped pants anyway.

To sum it up in a nutshell
Schmaltz meets slimy, creep-tastic sex maniacs. Proper words elude me to express how friggin' annoyed I am!!!!


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