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1. Title:Gladiator Body Workout

Author: Eddie Lomax

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Optimum Fitness Network LLC





Chad Review: Now the girls have entered prehistoric caveman times. I love the 80's references, especially when they ripped on Cathy. I think everyone feels the same way about that terrible comic strip. Vaughan does tie up one little timey-wimey thing with the field hockey stick. We also meet the inventor of time travel. Still loving the series and looking forward to see where the Paper girls are headed next.


Emily May Review:
“Have you given any thought to your wedding vows?” Kai snorted.
“Delete anything that has to do with love, respect, or joy, and I’ll sign on the dotted line.”

3 1/2 stars. After I finally gave in and read Scarlet recently, people have been urging me to read Cress. I can see why - this book is so so much fun.

Firstly, I have to say that Meyer has really worked on her pacing since the days of Cinder (which I personally found really boring). This book zips along from action scene, to discovery, to


Book Binge Review: This is a spinoff of the Cascadia Wolves series. We first meet Jack in that series. He played a rather large roll in Standoff. I wasn't sure if I was going to like the move away from the wolves, but I wanted to read Jack's story so I went forward. I'm glad I did. I really enjoyed the opening of a new world of cat shifters and witches.

Renee is a witch with a lot of power - but she doesn't know it. She's accepted that she sometimes knows when the phone is going to ring or who will be on the line,


Laura Review: ***ARC Provided by the Author and Rock Star PR***

3.5 Stars

Full Review to Follow


Noura Review: رائعه ... مع ان النهايه صدمتني الى حد ما

تتحدث الروايه عن أم تاهت ف محطه سيول ولم يدرك زوجها أختفائها الا عند ركوبه القطار ولكن في اعتقادي هذه الأم قد تاهت قبل ذلك بكثير
هذه الأم تاهت عندما تخلت عن حياتها لأسعاد زوجها وأولادها
وللأسف لم تحظي يوما واحدا بأهتمامهم جميعا

موجعه لاقصي درجه ... عند قرأتي للروايه احتجت أن أعيد النظر في علاقتي ببعض المقربين مني

هل حقا انا أعرفهم جيدا؟

هل لمجردانك تعيش في بيت واحد مع عائلتك يجعلك تعرفهم جيدا؟!!

الأجابه لا ... هل يوما ما جلست مع والدك او والدتك وسألتهم


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