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1. Title:Generalized Frobenius Partitions

Author: George E. Andrews

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Amer Mathematical Society





Paula Phillips Review: Have you ever wondered or have you felt the power of what positive thinking can do to a person? If you saw a note that said "You're Terrific" - would it put you in the best mood ever? For Emily, she has the most wonderful husband and someone who loves her unconditionally, and they have been together since high school. Lately, however, she feels like they have lost their spark and their zing. One morning at work, Emily finds a post-it-note in her bag reading "You're Terrific." This makes her smil


Mrs Review: One More promise is a really enjoyable read. Dylan a rock star has been in rehab for alcoholism, to get his life back on track and to make amends for past bad behaviour he signs up to get involved in a charity to promote literacy. Paige is in charge of organising the P.R. for this through the company run by her father and sister. Paige does all the hard work and organising whilst her sister Ariel swans around and takes all the credit, their father constantly praising Ariel never acknowledging al


Tatiana Review: You could say this is a standard Matthew Quick book. Misfits are his specialty. Yet, even though the subjects matter of the story are well-trodden (by Quick himself too) - bullying, loneliness, depression, obsession with a work of literature - Nanette's experiences affected me. Maybe because Quick touches here upon something that YA doesn't explore enough - the very real challenges of being an introvert in an extrovert-dominated world.

Because Nanette's problems are so peculiar to her closed-off


Karen Review: This is a heartwarming second chance, holiday romance. The H/h were sweethearts but one chose a career and when they are both back in town they reconnect but will it work out the second time around? This is a sweet romance and I liked it. I voluntarily read an ARC and this is my honest review.


ياسمين ثابت Review:

معالم في الطريق لسيد قطب

اول ما بدات اقرا الكتاب ده جاتلي رسالة من واحد استغفرالله العظيم يعني انا صايمة مش عايزة اشتم...اداني كلمتين في جنابي وانتي تكفيرية وانتي بتاع وبتاع

المهم انا قلقت في القعدة
هو فيه ايه يا جدعان؟

وطبعا كل ما اجيب سيرة الكتاب لازم يجيلي حد شاطر كدة يديني كلمتين في جنابي

قولت ما بدهاش بقى اقرا الكتاب واشوف الراجل بيقول ايه

طبعا مش اول قراءاتي لسيد قطب وبعيدا عن اني اؤمن بافكاره جدا وهو احد مثلي الاعلى

بس انا قريت الكتاب ده عشان ادور على غلطه....قريته حرف حرف جملة جملة فصل فصل


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