Ударная волна, возникающая в поверхности материала облученного мощным ионным пучком.pdf


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1. Title:Ударная волна, возникающая в поверхности материала облученного мощным ионным пучком

Author: Dong Z.H., Liu C., Han X.G., Lei M.K.

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Eric Review: I have recently been burying myself in detective/mystery classics. In the last month, I've read Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep, Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon, and Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express.

So when I got wind that Block, a writer whose work I enjoy, wrote a book where his burglar protagonist, Bernie Rhodenbarr, attempts to steal a first-edition copy of The Big Sleep inscribed to Dashiell Hammett, only to get caught up in an Agatha Chris


Scott Kauffman Review: My late wife played the role of dark muse in my writing of Revenants. Strings of memory spliced one to another with her twine of tenacious insistence revealed in our rose-garden talks as we looked out across the black of the Pacific to where her Uncle Bunkle, Captain Richard Rees, United States Special Forces, died near the village of Bin Chanh, twelve miles southwest of a city then called Saigon in a country fated but to be for another sixteen months and fourteen days before it self-immolated a


Katie Review: 4.5 stars.
As was the case in The Goldfinch, an enigmatic 17th century Dutch painting is the focus of everything that happens in this novel. In three alternating narratives Smith provides us with a life of the painter, Sara de Vos, a life of its long-time owner, Marty de Groot and a life of the young woman who is called upon to forge it, Ellie Shipley. When the painting is stolen and replaced by a forgery Marty will forge a new identity in order to track down the people responsible for its theft


Cat C Review: I received a copy of this book through a giveaway and have not let it affect my review.

I really enjoyed this romance. It's a fresh, interesting setup: the hero's castle was totally remodeled by his disgruntled wife before her death, and now he wants to restore it to its former state. But it's been two years and he can't quite remember everything; the heroine has an eidetic memory, and he asks for her assistance.

It's an interesting use of a skill by heroine in a time when using skills for practic


Kazy Review: 2.5 Stars

Not much of a mafia element. Alina's father gets killed but then it's pretty tame from there until the end. I mean, they work with the cops. What the hell mafia does that unless it's to pay the cops off? The romance was pretty empty, but that's mostly Alina's fault. She was sooooo insecure. Even after he's confessed his love and everything, she's still wondering if it's real and doubting their future. Ughh. Put on your big girl panties and have a freaking happily ever after, for goodnes


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