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1. Title:The First Atomic Age: Scientists, Radiations, and the American Public, 1895-1945

Author: Matthew Lavine

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan





Zoë Review: Reread October 2015: AHHHHH I felt all the love for this book that I felt the first time plus more! I love everything about this book and I want to reread it again immediately ;D

Original review from December 2013: Fangirl was so cute and relatable! I loved every single character and their relationships with each other. Rainbow Rowell's writing style is wonderful and I can't wait to read more books from her!


Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly Review: The ambivalence of a grown child's love for his parents.

I have a nephew, well-mannered and intelligent, now 20 years old. All his life he has lived with his parents in California. Except for the last six years (his only sibling, a sister, was born six years ago), he was an only child. He now wants to leave home, go to Texas by himself, away from his family, to work or study. His parents could not understand it.

Jamaica Kincaid wrote this book from the point of view of a child like that. Except th


Cynthia Schmitt Review: "You need courage to find out what you really want in life, and what you want might be dangerous. But life is dangerous anyway, and there is a beauty in becoming more and more fully who you are.."


Bookdragon Sean Review: Now this was a real shame. It read like some juvenile fan fiction. The characters were utterly lifeless. Perhaps seeing this would be better. The stage actor’s performances would carry the emotion and drama the dialogue completely failed to convey.

The stage directions were also minimalistic. I mean we have a basic location set for us, but that’s about all. There’s no real expression or sense of urgency. All in all, it’s just a little flat. The plot is feasible, even if it felt a little forced, b


Adriana Review: How I wish I could have liked this book more. I didn't want to just like this book. I wanted to love this book. The whole premise of the story is of personal interest to me, as my own grandparents would have been small children somewhere in Mérida (or possibly Tizimín) at the time the historic events of the novel took place. Unfortunately, I just was not able to connect with the characters.

The story was intriguing enough to keep me reading to the end, but it lacked depth. It's like I was given t


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