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1. Title:Convolutional calculus

Author: Dimovski I.

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Jackie D Review: Cami has moved back to her hometown after her singing career did not pan out, she is going to take over her Aunts Candy shop that was left to her.
Trying to avoid most of the townspeople for the moment, especially her ex, Evan whose now the Mayor, she only makes it one day before running into him well falling into him really...
These two did not end their relationship on good terms, and are already proving the hurt is still there, but so is the spark.
As much as Evan wants to ignore the women who


Keira Review: I'm so ready for this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I almost had a heart attack when you released the new title... I was actually worried I was going to die



Tasha Review: This is the second book in this series that has come to the United States from Japan. In this adventure, sisters Chirri and Chirra ride their bikes into a tall stand of grass. Once inside, they follow a bee to its home where they get to taste honey sponge cake. From there, they follow some flower chafers to their home where the chafers share some leaf juice with them. When a lizard passes by, the girls follow him to his home and they make candies together. As darkness falls, the girls return bac


Claudia Review: You know its love when you spill food over the guy your crushing over but then you find out that said guy is a hot but drunk womanizer it makes you think twice about things. Bradan Reid moved to Seattle to not only jump start his career but to run away from the woman that broke his heart and ever since then he went from woman to woman thinking that would protect his heart from getting heart again. Cami Joubert suffered to devastating loses and also moved to Seattle to jump start her career as ch


Eva Review: This book is a surprising little gem, told by a cat. The cat lives as a stray when he meets Satoru. They become friends. Satoru feeds him and the cat lets Satoru stroke him. When the cat is hit by a car and is injured Satoru takes care of him. The cat stays and receives a name: Nana.

It's not a simple endearing story about love for a pet. It turns out to be a story about love, loss and friendship. At first the language annoyed me. It seemed crude and simple. But the storyline drew me in. Nana tal


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