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1. Title:Теоретическая арифметика

Author: Гонин Е.Г.

FileType: djvu





Jen Review: An amazing,don't want to put down, hold the book in a big hug and wish this story never ended. Sigh* BUT....

This grabbed me from the get go. Two stories told simultaneously during 2 different time periods.
Avery's story, present day. She's an attorney who has met up with a woman in a nursing home who says she looks familiar. Curiosity starts to open this Pandora's box. Rill, a river rat, has been kidnapped along with her 4 siblings back in the 30's and sent to an orphanage to be sold to the high


Kathy Review: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Setting: my house, his house – neighbors - hammock

Theme: falling in love, with the person who fascinates you, not the imaginary planned one

Zack Grange – paramedic, friends with Mick & Josh, has a daughter – wife died at when in a car accident when going to the hospital in early labor; he’s decided that his daughter needs a mother (after she asked about feminine pads after seeing a commercial on tv)
Dani Grange – 4 years old – cute, speaks her mind, well loved, affectionate. She dec


Elaine Review: Blown away! Amazing biography for children and adults to read, understand, and appreciate. Gorgeous illustrations among important information! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!


Patrick Justo Review: How the flying fuck did this piece of shit ever get published? How on God's green earth did this thing become a bestseller?

Yes, I'm the last person in America to read The Tipping Point, and I'm glad I waited. Now that all the hype has burned off, it's easy to see this book for what it is: a very well crafted collection of half-truths and speculation, sold as "truth".

Let's look at one example. I read The Tipping Point as an ebook, so my pages might not match completely with yours, but it's the s


Alicia R. Russell Review: Fabulous

Another Spellbound story that I couldn’t put down until I finished it. I loved this one just as much as all the ones prior to it.


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