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1. Title:Программирование арифметических операций в микропроцессорах

Author: Злобин В.К., Григорьев В.Л.

FileType: djvu





Natalie Monroe Review:
"'Once, I was a mouse,' she says and strips off her glove. She reaches into the cage to stroke the rodent's tiny bald haunches.

'But I am not anymore.'

Since this worked out so well last time:

After the bloody events of the Quickening last book, one would be forgiven for expecting, nay, anticipating murder, mayhem, and violent mind games this round. One would expect the queens to focus tunnel vision-like on the prospect of winning and continued existence.


"Not as beautiful as that." Nico


Len Evans Jr Review: Wow... I have read all the Made Marian series books and the first book in the Forever Wilde series as well. I loved each and every one of the previous books, but I think that this book may be Ms. Lennox's best work I have read to date. The MCs in this book are truly incredible, fully fleshed out and complex. I totally cared for both of them early on in the book and continued to do so throughout. The plot is exciting, well-written, sexy and full of feels. I love the interactions of Doc and Grandp


Catarina Review: 5 Amazing Stars.

Hannah is a simple girl who just wants her crush to finally notice her. Garret is the hot-shot, playboy, hockey player that needs help with one particular class he’s failing. He knows Hannah’s is the only who can help him, so they make a deal: she helps him pass the class, he helps her winning her crush’s attention by pretending to be interested in each other.
It seems the perfect deal, until things start to look very real and they can’t keep pretending anymore. The problem? The


Emily May Review: I've always loved mythology, folktales and legends. They are the original fairy tales of humanity and, given the timeless fairytale quality to Gaiman's writing, it seemed to follow that he would be the perfect writer for a book of Norse mythology. He is. In fact, Gaiman seems born to write (or rewrite) myths.

Norse mythology is actually one I've always been less familiar with. I know Greek, Roman and Egyptian fairly well, and some Indian as well, but my knowledge of Norse mythology kind of ends a


Michael Review: Growing up, I loved checking collections of Peanuts comic strips out of the library. During my younger years, there were two size to the Peanuts collections -- the smaller, standard size paperbacks, which rarely included the Sunday strips and the larger trade paperbacks that included more comics per page and the Sunday strips. I have found memories of reading those collections over and over again and always heading to that section of the library with the hope that a new collection was on the she


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