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Author: Felix Bronner and Arnost Kleinzeller (Eds.)

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Publisher:Elsevier, Academic Press




Jackie D Review: When Caleb Hunt finds himself entranced with the feisty Professor Dani French, he cannot help but push her limits just as much as she pushes him. Preferring his loner ways, being a Park Ranger in the midst of a developing State Park, in Oregon- she is a welcome, yet an unwelcome set of frustrating distractions.
Determined to show everyone including the cocky, smug grinning, confusing Ranger Hunt, she is capable of handling the wilderness, and her research on the frogs will prove worthwhile.


Will Byrnes Review:

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Michael Wolff has given us a drone’s (dragon’s?) eye view of the competing centers vying to be the power behind the throne, with some looking, in the longer term, at carving paths for their own succession to the highest position in the realm. There is a mad king who needs to be handled. Centers of power arise, mor


Emily May Review:
“There is no hell, John Temsland. Each man, when he dies, sees the landscape of his own soul.”

This book kind of stomped all over my heart. Not because of the love story, which I don't consider a spoiler because anyone with a brain will see it coming from the beginning (Or the cover. Or the description.). But because of the beautiful, magical simplicity of the writing and the world and the characters. I love stories like this, that capture the timeless magic of fairy tales and make you feel lik


Cathy Review: I loved this book! Listening to it as an audio book really added a lot to the experience; hearing Michael's stories in his own voice was terrific. I learned a lot about Michael, from his perspective on family life to his growth in his career. Did you guys know that Tracy is Jewish and that the family (including Michael) has been very involved in a Reform temple in NY since his son was born? Of course, a chunk of the book deals with his illness and how he deals with that, but the book is about mu


Kaceey Review: 4.5*

"Agoraphobia is an intense fear and anxiety of being in places where it is hard to escape, or where help might not be available. Agoraphobia usually involves fear of crowds, bridges, or of being outside alone." -NIH

For the past 10 months Anna has been trapped inside the four walls she calls home. She can’t bring herself to take a single step outside. No grocery shopping, no walks through the park, not even to pick a package from the front stoop. Anna is an agoraphobic. Her days are filled wi


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