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1. Title:Language in Language Teacher Education (Language Learning and Language Teaching, 4)

Author: Hugh R. Trappes-Lomax, Gibson Ferguson

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Shayna Review: I’m a HUGE fan of the single dad/nanny trope and Carly Phillips just did it RIGHT!

Single dad and bodyguard Austin Rhodes has been burned by love before and he has no intention of ever going through that again anytime soon. But that captivating and beautiful live-in nanny, Mia Atwood is BEYOND temptation at this point and he is struggling to keep himself in check. Mia is caring, selfless, and has a good heart. She loves what she does and she’s damn good at it, and of course, she cares for Austin


Ruckasaurus Rex Review: This was another Peterman read in her Shift Happens series. There are a lot of likeable characters in this series, and some very strange shifters too. This was an entertaining, fast read for me, and there wasn't a whole lot of unexpected layers.


Fatima Review: رابرت کیوساکی یک نویسنده ی موفق نیست فقط یک فروشنده ی موفق هست که توانسته کتابش را هم خوب بفروشد و خودش هم این را میگوید , در کنار این هنر خوب فروختن کتابش هم مفاهیم اولیه ای از تفکر یک فرد ثروتمند برای ما به نمایش میگذارد , کل حرف هایش که در این همه صفحات نوشته شده برای من خلاصه میشود در این حرف که مغزت را به کار بینداز و مثل بقیه آدم های اطرافت زندگی را پیش نگیر که سرنوشتی جز آنها در این صورت نخواهی داشت , خود رابرت در انتهای کتاب میگوید که از کودکی تا بزرگسالی در حال آموزش در رابطه با سرمایه


tee Review: The copy that I owned as a child had Anderson's stories on the reverse - UPSIDE-MOTHERFUCKING-DOWN. I know, right? Too rad for words? Why don't I own it anymore? I presume it just fell apart from the heady love affair that I had with it. I was besotted. Rapaciously smitten. If rapacious means what I think it does. I just wanted to climb in between the covers and love it good. With or without its consent. Maybe rapacious simply means greedy, which does just as good because I was greedy for it, li


Pam Review: One More Promise is book 2 in the Band on the Run series but can be read as a stand alone. The series is about a rock band called Shaughnessy that has reached stardom & each member wanted to take some time off for different reasons. This book is Dylan Anders' story. Dylan needed the time off to go to rehab. He started acting out as a teenager to try & get a reaction out of his parents. They were never critical of him or set limits & he wanted an indication that they cared. After havi


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Author: M. Jensen Henrici Lomax, Pulliam SCI SCI Sitemap

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