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1. Title:Ingenious mathematical problems and methods

Author: L. A. Graham

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Dover Pubns




Richard Review: 5.5/10

A book of two halves. Whilst meant to be read as one book this was split and published in certain areas as two books. If I could rate the two separately it would be 4 stars to the first part and 1.5 stars to the second part.

The first half is a generic fantasy tale but it’s quite a good read. Feist isn’t a bad writer so whereas what could be seen as generic and bland is spiced up a little with the style of writing. Some of the characters are plain and stereotypical which lets things down b


britt_brooke Review: This was decent. I have to admit that I'm a little confused, but I think I'm supposed to be. I still really loved the duo-chromatic (is this a real term?


Liad Magen Review: This book had changed my life, the way I think, the way I precept the world.
I think it should be an obligatory book for everyone on this planet.


James Review: This was a disappointing book.
At 834 pages plus notes and index there were a lot of words,
but at least 80% were just gossip about who had a problem
with drinking, drugs, hurt feelings etc etc etc.

(NOTE: Just read Buffett, The making of an American capitalist,
That book is 1000 times better: 22 March 2012)

The trivia even included who their babysitter married!!!

Over the years I've read often about the remarkable partnership of Buffett and Munger,
but very very little of that is mentioned in this b


Chelsea Humphrey Review: "Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt."

You know those Disney princess fairytales, the ones where the damsel in distress is saved by Prince Charming and they get married and live happily ever after? Yeah, this isn't that story. Think of the old school Brother's Grimm fairytales, and then imagine something even darker and you'll have a clear picture of what this book holds for you. That's not a criticism; one of the surest ways to get me to commit to reading a book is to tell me it's an old


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