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Jasmine Review: Dani is a scientist who is going to do research in the forest after receiving a grant to study frogs. She is new to camping, but that won't stop her, she needs to throw herself into her work. But she doesn't count on the chemistry she feels for the Ranger!!

Caleb enjoys his solitude and peace, he knows he will soon be joined by a local scientist, but he wasn't expecting Dr. French to be a gorgeous young female. He doesn't do relationships or get close to anyone, but after a short time with Dani,


Lisa Vegan Review: Well, this is the fourth or fifth picture book I’ve read about Wangari Maathai. I still haven’t read her autobiography or her book about the Green Belt Movement.
Each picture book has its strengths and weaknesses.

This was not my favorite of the books. Its main weakness (for me) was that in the main part of the story, women come to Maathai with problems and each time she tells them to plant trees and explains how the trees will solve their problems. Each time she ends with saying “Thayu numba _ P


Lisa Review: I’m actually super sad right now knowing that this series has come to an end. I suppose all good things must end. The bright side – KA writes a hell of a lot of books and I can always do re-reads.

So, moving on with the review...

I loved Tyra. She is beautiful, smart, sassy and she is also sweet and vulnerable. She was not exactly the type of woman I would think would end up with a badass biker. Truthfully, I found her kinda dorky.

Exhibit "A"

“Uh… you pledged your troth to me, Tack. It’s not like y


Jeffrey Keeten Review: ”Although generally considered by his contemporaries to be friendly and gentle, Leonardo was at times dark and troubled. His notebooks and drawings are a window into his fevered, imaginative, manic, and sometimes elated mind. Had he been a student at the outset of the twenty-first century, he may have been put on a pharmaceutical regimen to alleviate his mood swings and attention-deficit disorder. One need not subscribe to the artist-as-troubled-genius trope to believe we are fortunate that Leon


HM Review: ترجمه اش چنگی به دل نمی زند و خواننده را گیج می کند اما زیمل آن قدر نبوغ آمیز و دقیق بحث فرم های اجتماعی را با نمونه های عملی چون خسیس و ولخرج ، غریبه ، مد ، عشق افلاطونی و عشق مدرن و غیره شرح میدهد که به نظر تنها مارکس را می توان همتای او در نظریات جامعه شناسی دوران دانست و انگار این دو از آینده ی دور آمده اند. خوشبختانه فصل بسیار مهم کلانشهر و حیات ذهنی را یوسف اباذری با ترجمه قابل قبولی در ارغنون چاپ کرده است

در این کتاب زیمل بحث می کند در روزگار مدرن چگونه آدم ها در پی یافتن فردیت خود فرم های


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