Всеобщая арифметика, или Книга об арифметических синтезе и анализе. (Arithmetica universalis, sive de compositione et resolutione arithmetica liber) . Перевод, статья и комментарии А.П.Юшкевича.pdf


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1. Title:Всеобщая арифметика, или Книга об арифметических синтезе и анализе. (Arithmetica universalis, sive de compositione et resolutione arithmetica liber) . Перевод, статья и комментарии А.П.Юшкевича

Author: Ньютон Исаак

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Издательство Академии наук СССР




أحمد عيد Review: ١-
يبدو أن الكاتب متأثر جدا بكثير من الجمل القرآنية فى كتاب الله، يظهر ذلك من مصطلحاته الذي لا ينفك يستخدم إحداها كل مدة يسيرة!
وهذا شئ حسن!

مش عارف ليه ذكرنى هذا الكاتب بكاتب آخر أتيت على كل كتبه إلا واحدا وأرقب جديده، هذا الكاتب هو محمد الجيزاوى

ويكفى أى كتاب أن أجعل الريفيو بتاعه العبارة التالية:

ظننت لوهلة أننى فى حضرة الكاتب محمد الجيزاوى!


The Books Blender Review:

Questa recensione è presente anche sul blog-> http://thebooksblender.altervista.org...

- Ho ricevuto una copia di questo libro in cambio di un'onesta recensione -

Preceduto da:
- Shadow Magic

Bentornati a Geena con i suoi zombie «tornati per restare», i suoi spettri e anche i suoi assetati vampiri.

Lily, anzi - ehm - Lady Shadow regna sulle cupe terre dei suoi antenati, riceve doni meravigliosi da altri paesi e ascolta le lamentale dei propri sudditi.

Il ritorno dei non-morti ha infatti creato non


Ana Rita Review: Oh my dear lord this author will drive me insane... Wanna know why? Because she has another MC book for me to read and I couldn't be happier. I love this series so freaking much.
Jessie Cooke is amazing and her books shows just that. Her writing is hot, raw, intense, fantastic and invigorating. Every single book made me love not only her writting but also this series as well and that, for me, is the cherry on top of the cake.
Have you read the Southside Skulls MC series yet? If you have you know


Kay Childs Review: Touching

It was a very real story of love , compassion, family & bravery!! I loved it! I could hardly put it down. I will be reading more of her books☺


Maida»-(¯`v´¯)-» Review: I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! It was sweet, funny, fresh, fun and very engaging. A truly sweet romance. I loved everything about it except for the fact....IT WAS TOOO SHORT!!! :( I really hate it when that happens...the best stories are always the short ones..WHY OH WHY!!?? I could have easily read about Nick and Alexa for a long time.....like oh I don’t know 500 or 600 pages more!! I loved the story and the romance. This book totally brought on my girly-girl....and I couldn’t help but swoon and drool...


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