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Author: Philip Campbell

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Publisher:Nature Publishing Group





Jill Badker Review: Had the privilege of reading and ARC copy. Zeke was abandoned at a young age and has never trusted anyone but himself. He protected lots of people and respected his brothers in his unit, but would never give his heart to anyone.
Rayna had been abducted with Sage in Thailand and rescued by Zeke's unit and couldn't get her mind off Zeke. Was it because he saved her, or because she had feelings for him. She couldn't make out the difference in her mind.
Love is the most powerful healer, if you open


Christine Review: The book I read from this collection was Fated Possession by Cari Silverwood. It was a nice return to tje world of Aerthe that I'm already familiar with. Blue is running for her life but is unlucky and ends up in the hands of bad men but luckily she's saved by a man who doesn't want to hurt her but instead sell her. They set off together and feelings slowly start to grow between them. Can Blue trust someone from this dangerous new world?


karen Review: this is a truly beautiful ARC, one of the nicest i've seen:

it's all textured and graphically pleasing and nice to touch and hold:

but the story didn't really meet my expectations.

i'm giving it a three, but it is a low three. it is an incredibly fast read, and if you are looking for something in that vein - a fast-paced page-turner mystery thing, this may well satisfy you. but be forewarned it is not a creepy book, or even remotely spooky, as the cover and epigraph seem to suggest:

In a dark, d


أشرف فقيه Review: حصدت الكاتبة الصينية (واي واي) –وهذه هي الطريقة الصحيحة لنطق اسمها-، حصدت شهرة عالمية حين مُنعت روايتها الأولى (شانگهاي بيبي) من التداول في الصين. والسبب: تمجيد الثقافة الرأسمالية. وعلى نفس النمط تسير المؤلفة في هذا الجزء الثاني. هي تقول أنها ما تزال تتكلم عن الهاجس الجنسي في الحياة.. مضافاً إليه الهاجس الروحي أيضاً.. وأنا أعتقد أن هذه الرواية تستمد أهميتها من بحث صاحبتها عن الهوية المفقودة في عالم ينبغي فيه لـ "الناجح" أن يصير أكثر تعولماً وأكثر إنتماء للماركة التجارية وللقيمة الغربية.. ليكتشف


Stacy Review: Loved it and couldn’t put it down.


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