Жизнь животных. В 6 томах. Беспозвоночные.pdf


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1. Title:Жизнь животных. В 6 томах. Беспозвоночные

Author: Зенкевич Лев Александрович, Под редакцией Л.А.Зенкевича. В написании второго тома участвовали: Я.А.Бирштейн. Б.В.Властов, М.С.Гиляров, Л.А.Зенкевич, А.В.Иванов, П.В.Матекин, З.А.Филатова, И.И.Акимушкин, Г.М.Беляев, З.И.Баранова, Н.Г.Виноградова, В.И.Зацепин.

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Linda Hill Review: I’m finding it difficult to review Winter – An Anthology for the Changing Seasons without repeating all my praise for Summer too.

Once again this anthology is an absolute delight. There really is something for everyone, regardless of whether the reader likes poetry or prose, modern or classical literature, essay or diary.

I found a warming familiarity through the inclusion of old favourites like Hardy’s The Darkling Thrush or Dickens’s Bleak House as these pieces brought back memories from my past


Baba Review: 2 that's-friggin'-all-there-was-to-it??? stars. Review posted May 25, 2014

It started off innocent enough, like this…

…and then later on the entire plot (excuse me, there was actually no plot at all) turned into a HUGE fuck-tastic fest. Holy friggin'…um…I'm going to zip it, I mean my mouth not my pants. To be honest, I don't walk around with unzipped pants anyway.

To sum it up in a nutshell
Schmaltz meets slimy, creep-tastic sex maniacs. Proper words elude me to express how friggin' annoyed I am!!!!


Dawn Myers Review: I really loved Rafe and Diana's story. I was glad to get a little of Rafe's backstory. Rafe got a little mushy for me. I loved Diana she is feisty and protective, her and Rafe are a perfect couple. I loved how Rafe was able to get out of his dark past. I was a little disappointed towards the end. I wanted to see one character back to reek havoc, but that did not happen. I have a feeling the character will be back as Blake Security stories keep coming. In my opinion M. Malone and Nana Malone make


Lauren Blakely Review: Mad huge big extraordinary love for this story! A great book for all ages! A story of hope, love, kindness and generosity!!!! And dogs!!!!!!!!


Linda Review: My 11 year old son loved this audio-book. I disliked it so much that I refused to listen to the rest of it. I told him that I would buy the book so that he can read it. I, initially, gave it one star, but to reflect my son's admiration for the book, I upped it to two.

To me, this book encapsulates everything I don't like about youth fiction. Patterson doesn't respect his audience. The characters are poorly written. The plot is ridiculous. The kids are sarcastic.

If you are a kid, judging by both m


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