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1. Title:An introduction to statistical concepts for education and behavioral sciences

Author: Richard G. Lomax

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Emily Review: Where to begin?

This book is cute. Young girl, caught in a scandal, moves to a small town to fix up an old house and of course she has lots of "life" moments and finds romance along the way. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a light, summer romance read. And it is...there are just some parts of this book that really bugged me.

First of all, I understand books like this aren't really meant to be realistic, but Andrews' lack of reality in this book gets a little extreme. There were just parts here


Tom Review: Although the writing was good, I found the plot to be too complex for a comedic murder mystery. The main character was portrayed as very stupid and fearful. If his bowels loosened once, they did so a dozen times. The villain was most improbable and the whole story had a Mission Impossible feel to it, you didn't know who was friend or foe. This sets the stage for sequels and I hope they are more enjoyable.


Rika Kali Review: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The first thing that I am going to say about this book is…..I never expected it to be so uniquely amazing.

The plot goes:

Reah Desh is a chef in one of her family’s restaurant. She works there with her abusive brother, who she was given to at eight years of age because the man that she thought was her father, turned out to be her grandfather and her brother, the one who physically, emotionally and mentally abused her, raped her mother and was her real father.

Oh and, not to be forgotten is the fact


Fred Forbes Review: In for a penny, in for a pound I suppose. Yeah, I know, these are kid's books but if one has read the first 11 and has a sophomoric sense of humor like mine, firmly based in a prepubescent lad's mindset then obviously one is going to grab this. Interesting the number of folks who have commented that this is the worst in the series when 83% of the reviewers list it as 4 or 5 stars. Put me in the laudatory category since I think it is the funniest one yet. His first plane trip reminded me of mine


Diane S ☔ Review: A sentimental and oh so charming read, but if one cannot be sentimental during this holiday season, when can one? Also another book coincidence since I saw this book after reading my friend Laura's review, and grabbed it. Last year I listened to the original Christmas Carol, while wrapping gifts. Seemed only fitting to read this one during this holiday, Christmas, which has come once again.

I enjoyed this book very much. The writing, the descriptions, the character of Dickens himself, all very we


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