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1. Title:Repetitorium Internistische Intensivmedizin 2. Auflage

Author: Guido Michels, Matthias Kochanek

FileType: pdf






Hailey (HaileyinBookland) Review: I freaking loved this. I'm making everyone I know read it ASAP!

P.S. Video review to come


Lisa Lathrop Review: 1) This inspiring non-fiction picture book is about Wangari Maathai, the Kenyan political activist who founded the Green Belt Movement in 1977. She in empowered rural women who had started reporting their streams were drying up, their food supply was diminishing and the animals were dying. Maathai's movement revived the country and brought it back to life. Wangari was an educated woman whose efforts pulled together Kenya for the common good and her efforts for peace and change won her the Novel


London Review: To me staging a set up so the heroine catches you fucking a groupie is cheating when you both had feelings for each other. Especially when you've spent the entire day out having fun with the heroine only to go back and end up having a threesome. Disgusting. Another author bites the dust. I expected more from this author.


Mardi Maxwell Review: Interesting

Action packed. Interesting characters although there's a few you don't mind seeing die. Well-written. Looking forward to the next book.


Carol Review: 2.5 Stars

WATCH ME did not quite work for me, but there is a mystery to solve and I thought the writing good.

In a sleepy college town in Ohio, we have SAM, a dangerous student with secrets, a stalker with an evil mind, and an obsession with both his English teacher KATE and her murder mystery novel.

The prose alternates between SAM and KATE throughout the entire novel with a dual person POV as each protagonist narrates their own story and feelings toward each other and their lives....which was ok


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