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1. Title:A Young Girls Diary

Author: Freud, Sigmund

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Dolores Review: There is a lot of kid appeal here in this graphic novel about a team of cats who tackle the bad guys to protect the city they live in. But there is an extraneous thread about a father/daughter superhero pair that doesn't really add anything and just doesn't seem to belong. It felt like an interruption to the story.


Emily May Review:
“I am the Reaper and death is my shadow.”

2 1/2 stars. Red Rising isn't really a bad book - 2.5 stars still means halfway between "it was ok" and "I liked it", after all. And many other reviews will tell you how amazing most people found it, but I struggled to locate the magic that so many other people seem to have found within its pages.

Red Rising is considered and marketed as dystopian/sci-fi, which technically it is, but it reads with a dense wordiness that is reminiscent of high fantasy n


Katie Review: 4.5 stars.
As was the case in The Goldfinch, an enigmatic 17th century Dutch painting is the focus of everything that happens in this novel. In three alternating narratives Smith provides us with a life of the painter, Sara de Vos, a life of its long-time owner, Marty de Groot and a life of the young woman who is called upon to forge it, Ellie Shipley. When the painting is stolen and replaced by a forgery Marty will forge a new identity in order to track down the people responsible for its theft


Linda Quick Review: Loved this book! This is a great series with characters that I just fell in love with. Lexi is a private investigator employed by her fiance', Solomon's, firm. They are just settling in for a quiet evening at home when he is shot and Lexi's world crumbles.

Despite the police department investigating, Lexi tasks their PI firm to do its own investigation. In the past, Solomon has been very quiet and mysterious about his past, frequently declining to answer questions and changing the subject. Becaus


Alyssa Review: UPDATE, May 27th, 2017: Y'ALL. I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHARE WITH YOU. SOON. VERY SOON. *is a merciless tease*


UPDATE, April 22nd, 2017: I thought I'd share this because MY HEART IS SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW.

My ARC set is complete! (For now. Of course I need the full-cover shiny ARC. NEED. But later.)

Also, fear not! I've got hardcovers of the Graceling trilogy, and I'll have a hardcover of Jane, Unlimited heading my way in September. It's not just the ARCs I own! =)

UPDATE, April 7th, 2017: Guess what I j


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