Элементарная Математика С Точки Зрения Высшей. Арифметика Алгебра Анализ.pdf


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1. Title:Элементарная Математика С Точки Зрения Высшей. Арифметика Алгебра Анализ

Author: Клейн Ф.

FileType: djvu





Jenna Grodzicki Review: My 7 year old son and I have been reading this series together, and the latest book, Intergalactic Gas, did not disappoint. We spent just as much time laughing as we did reading! All the Bad Guys are back, ready to take on Dr. Marmalade and his Cute-Zilla Ray. My son especially enjoyed the important part Mr. Piranha's farts played, and we both loved the twist at the end.


Barbara Review: I had never heard of this architect from Iraq so I was delighted to find this picture book celebrating a woman from a country not often mentioned positively in the United States. The fact that she seemed to have been something of a feminist and a resilient, determined woman who drew inspiration from the natural landscape around her sealed the deal for me as I tried to decide whether to include this book in my classroom library. Jeanette Winter ably captures a dreamy young girl imagining what the


Dianne Review: What happens when a bitter feud, a magical wedding dress, an auction and a determined matchmaker collide with an English Baron who is soured on love? You get A WEDDING AT TWO LOVE LANE and a fun read that puts both the magic of love and some romantic comedy together to create the nearly perfect light-hearted reading escape!

Greer is force to be reckoned with when she wants something and she wants that wedding dress, even if she doesn’t’ have an intended groom. Too bad the vile little dress shop o


Amy Review: A pretty awesome wrap-up to a series that had both real history and fantasy to it. And did I mention it's partially set in Petra? Good stuff.

As a person who is fascinated by what has gone on before on this earth, the historical aspect of this book really grabbed me. It's not surprising because Michael Livingston knows how to tell a tale, whether it's in a university classroom, a convention for fantasy geeks, or, so I'm told by some who have heard him, an auditorium of medieval historians. He's


Tracey Review: I have tried to write this review several times. I guess I have a lot of thoughts about this novel.

My first thought is that Jodi Picoult did not write this for me. I don't know what the demographic is for Ms. Picoult's novels but being a book person for a long time and having been to a couple of her book readings, I think I can make a pretty accurate guess at the demographic that buys her novels. So this is a novel that was written for white women and it doesn't stray far from Ms. Picoult's othe


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