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Author: George Klein and Sidney Weinhouse (Eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Elsevier, Academic Press




Jennifer Review: A hot hockey player.  A woman that owns a sex shop that focuses on women.  A matchmaking grandmother and her 2 best friends.  Throw in a little strip dance for charity, and you have all the makings for a crazy good time, right?

This story started with a guy that just wants his grandmother to stop trying to set him up.  He cooks up a crazy scheme with a couple of his friends and it goes from there.  Of course, nothing good can come from a scheme this off the wall.  

Emma and Travis are both playful


Jason Review: BookShots are an amazing idea. I'd recommend these for people who are intimidated by full-length novels or reading in general. BookShots are short, you can read them in an hour or two, and they're entertaining.

As for this particular BookShot, it was decent. I was definitely turning the pages to see what was going to happen, but the ending fell flat for me. It had so much promise to surprise the hell out of me, but I was let down. Oh well, good entertainment for a couple hours!


Cliff Review: Fascinating story of a famous Frenchman.


Joel Review: Terrible twos?! More like terrible dude! (the author, that is. Okay, okay, that pun may not have been brilliant but the book set a very low bar.)

After a recent spate of lots of parenting books (and being that I'm in the middle of having a two year old son) I tossed this book on the library list. I can confidently say that the few pages in the middle I read were absolutely, positively, seriously stupid s**t.

The best parenting books out now (Nurtureshock, Unconditional Parenting, etc.) are full of


Alex is The Romance Fox Review: Did I ever think I would get into reading urban fantasy?? Before Fever Series….absolutely NO….and now here I am ….unable to stop reading a genre I have not had much interest….apart from the Lord of the Rings books (which blew me away!!!).
I immediately started reading Bloodfever, the 2nd book of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series after turning the last page of the 1st book, Darkfever,which I reviewed, http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11...

I am back into the dark world of the Fae,….. MacKayla L


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