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Marie Review: Good (superficial) content (well, there are only about 55 pages), but not the best writing style. Still, I enjoyed reading it. It was an easy read, even for a non-native English speaker.


Sherry Review: I absolutely love the Graytons! Jill has a way of telling a story that just draws you in and makes you fall in love with all the characters. High Tide is no exception and I loved this story from beginning to end. Grace and Alan's story is a sweet, sexy romance with humor, some heartbreak and angst, and a great HEA ending that makes you smile. Another great addition to the Grayton series that will not disappoint.


K. Smock Review: This is the continuation of the Auctioned to Him series with Aiden and Ellie. From the start the book draws you in. Ellie agreed to go to the Caribbean with Aiden but is really worried about Caroline. She decides to go as Caroline says she is going to go home to see her parents for a bit. While in the Caribbean, Ellie decides to press charges against Blake. When she gets back to NY though there is a major tragedy. How will Ellie get through it? or will she? and there are more surprises at the en


willaful Review: The level of fantasy in this story reminds me of one of Baum’s “Oz” books, where filled lunchboxes grow on bushes. Parker’s home is always perfectly neat and there’s invariably a well-stocked little refrigerator wherever you go, even in her closet -- with no sign of a house staff other than the always available cook. This isn’t wedding porn, it’s organization porn.

Annoyingly, I was noticing this stuff more than connecting with the story. I can’t exactly call it boring, yet I had to keep rereadin


Karen Kearns Review: Brad is the Last Man Standing as the only sibling not married. In fact, he isn’t even interested in anyone; the closest he was to being even mildly interested in would be his sister-in-law Rylee’s younger sister, Madison.

Madison is a newly “retired” supermodel. As she is driving from New York City to Baltimore, a limousine is traveling the same route when suddenly Madison hears a loud noise and the limo jumps the guardrail, flips over, and lands upside down in a small stream. She stops her car,


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