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1. Title:Differential algebra and algebraic groups

Author: E. R Kolchin

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Academic Press




Taz Will Review: Really good read that had me upset with every single character. Kennedy was just over the top with her mess though, King begged her not to do it but kept throwing it in his face like the little lie he told was such a big deal. King just had women problems all around but Dolla and Jada really needed to let it go when she had no problem hurting the kids. That was a done deal for me, some things you just can’t take back and kids shouldn’t be put in it no matter how hurt you are.

Jada was the fool t


Carolyn Review: Oh this is a great beginning to Jennifer Ashley's new series. Sets up the relationship between Daniel McAdam and Kat Holloway. "Mrs. H." is feisty, clever and no one's fool. I like her!


Estefany Review: KAzehaya-kun Sawako-chan nooooooooooooooo


NiCoLeTa E. Review: ***4,5 "That was so unfair!" stars***

Damn!!! What was that book???
I don't know why but it get into me so deeply!!!
I can't stop thinking about that story and for the last 1/3 part of the book, i was crying all the time... For several reasons!!!

And i have to say that all those shits that happened was so unfair for Tyler and Eden.
And now after all this sadness, i'm dying to learn what will happen in the next book!!!
I'm really dying here!!!

Well, i have to admit that in the first 1/3 part of the


Marla Review: This book deals with some very dark and brutal subjects. Things happen that even as a reader you just want to turn away and not look. Yet Eliza Maxwell does such a great job with the characters and the story that you can't walk away. You have to know what is going to happen. You want to know what really is going on in the Dixon house and you want to know why does Eli stay in the woods by himself. There are a few things that slapped me in the face, I was not expecting them. There were times I cou


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