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1. Title:Fun With Figures

Author: J. A. Hunter

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Dover Pubns




Kasia Review: Marcin Wicha wycina z rzeczywistości kształt. Tnie prosto, nie przerywa, linie przecinają się. Kawałki życia, jak szybko cięte długie włosy, miękko opadają. Powstaje prosta figura.

To jest książka o miłości.

Niewidomi dotykają twarzy. Opuszek palca wiedzie przez mapy żłobień i zagłębień, zmarszczek, opuchlizn - cała Ty w moich rękach. Już wiadomo, jak ktoś wygląda. Potem można zakodować ten portret w dotyku. Zapamiętać we własnym ciele. Wtedy można odtworzyć twarz, ulepić rzeźbę. I człowiek z glin


Beth Review: Black Dahlia Red Rose is a book that takes it's place beside many books on this crime that captured America's attention. An unsolved mystery of a Hollywood starlet, this book seeks to solve this decades old crime.

Using recently released FBI files as well as interviews never before heard of, this book makes a credible argument for solving the mystery. As to whether it is true or not - it is hard to say. This book does a good job of capturing the way the Dahlia was demonized in the press for being


Laura Review: Fast paced with beautiful writing and filled with romance, fantasy, action, and magic. This was such an enjoyable read!

I should probably include a disclaimer where I let you know I have never read the Grimm Brothers’ story “The Singing Bone,” so I had no prior experience with the tale that inspired the author to write The Great Hunt. This may have made the story feel a bit more fresh than it may have for someone who really knows the original story. I’ll be reading the original later today since


Tom Schulte Review: CEDU Educational Services, Inc., known simply as CEDU, was founded in 1967 by Mel Wasserman and his wife Brigitta. The company owned and operated several therapeutic boarding schools and behavior modification programs in California and Idaho. CEDU origins go back to Synanon, a cult founded in Santa Monica, California in 1958 by Charles Dederich. The Troubled Teen Industry[1] today largely consists of Synanon and/or CEDU offshoots. I thank this author for making me aware of CEDU and prompting me


Alan Review: First, I feel like I should have wrapped up this series awhile ago. Mea culpa on dragging my feet. This is a series that I enjoy a good deal, but like Bill Willingham's Fables there were times when the series dragged for me.

This volume was a bit of walking through mud to finish. I nearly two starred this review, I even thought about a one star, but I started volume eight last night and so far the problems I have with this volume seem to be resolved come the second half of the story (so far anyw


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