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1. Title:Calculus, Volume II: Multi-Variable Calculus and Linear Algebra, with Applications to Differential Equations and Probability

Author: Tom M. Apostol

FileType: pdf

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons





♥~♥Geri Reads ♥~♥ Review: I won't be doing a full review but let me share my thoughts about/while reading this book.

- I wanna go and visit Milwaukee. The city doesn't just serve as a backdrop but one of the characters in this book, vivid and colorful.

- I'm hungry. This book gave me a severe case of the munchies. Both characters are connected with the food industry. The heroine owns a small French restaurant while the hero is a food critic. Not only that, the characters in the book basically gave me a tour of Milwaukee's


Brad Review: ii. I'm at it again, but this time I opened up my Aubrey-Maturin reread by listening. It took a month of commuting, but it was worth the time and the patience, and though I have gleaned no new insights into Master and Commander, my enjoyment of the audio experience was more than fulfilling enough.

O'Brian wasn't a big fan of the audio versions of his books, nor of the men reading them: “To revert to my ideal reader: he would avoid obvious emotion, italics and exclamation marks like the plague -


Charity Andrews Review: In 1892, as the World Fair was coming to Chicago, Tiffany (as in glass, not diamonds) was preparing to enter gorgeous, stained glass windows and other displays. The men were on strike, so Mr. Tiffany decided to hire women, for the first time in history. These women endured mistreatment, groping, being spit at and a number of other atrocities. They were not considered women of “good repute” if they had jobs, so men figured that they didn’t have to treat them as ladies.

Much to her parents dismay,


Robin Black Review: Natalie Baszile does an incredible job evoking Louisiana - I felt like I was there. Her writing is compelling and also beautiful, and her understanding of family and of human determination - and also human foibles - all have the ring of truth. This is an amazing debut novel - the first of many books, I hope!


Tina Rath Review: I start with the admission that I am a Johannes Cabal fan. I follow him on Twitter. If I were not already married and he were not a fictional character I would marry him. He is an anti-hero of the deepest dye, duplicitous, selfish, and anti-social to the point of sociopathy. In this latest account of his adventures he leads an expedition into the Lovecraftian territory of the Dreamlands in pursuit of the Phobic Animus financed and manned by The Fear Institute. All - well practically nothing - is


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