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Author: George Klein, Sidney Weinhouse and Alexander Haddow (Eds.)

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Publisher:Elsevier, Academic Press




Patrick Review: This book freaked my shit out.

Yeah. How's that for a blurb?

"This freaked my shit out."
- Patrick Rothfuss

The truth is, this book is amazing. I've read a lot of great comics this last year, and out of all of them, this is the one that had the most profound emotional effect on me.

It's not gory, or graphic. It's... unsettling. It's creepy. It's like the darkest of the old-school faerie tales.

I read it at night before I was going to go to bed. And when I was done, I was too unnerved to go to slee


Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon Review: 5 Cranky Stars

Zoe is dealing with Delia moving out and starting a life with Zach. They create a rather hilarious flyer looking for a roommate who likes breakfast and beats seeing as the only meal Zoe can cook is eggs. Zoe is an artist thru and thru with musical taste to match her crazy personality. She answers an email by someone who wants to remain a mystery but yet she is drawn to him. When they finally decide to meet she is shocked it’s the man she’s been crushing on but she abides by the gir


Cheryl Review: The Birth House by Ami McKay / William Morrow / 13-978-0-016 / 400pps / $24.95

When Ami McKay and her husband bought an old farm house in Scots Bay, Nova Scotia, she had no idea the history she would peel away from the walls or dig up in her yard. Removing layers of wall paper revealed plastered newspapers, tilling her soil unearthed bottle shards, and becoming pregnant led her to a midwife who related what she knew of the World War 1 village midwife that had once inhabited her very home. Throug


Ron Charles Review: At a crucial moment in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel “The Great Gatsby,” when Nick says, “You can’t repeat the past,” Gatsby instantly disagrees: “ ‘Can’t repeat the past?’ he cried incredulously. ‘Why of course you can!’ ”

Whether you should is less clear. Various people — starting with Fitzgerald himself — have been borne back ceaselessly into the past, particularly by trying to repeat “The Great Gatsby.” Since it was published in 1925, the story has been adapted for radio and television,


Petra X Review: Socrates said that an unexamined life was not worth living. In Kafka's The Metamorphosis poor Gregor Samsa is transformed into a being that cannot take part in the daily round of society and becomes more and more sidelined and ignored by those around him. This book, the Death of Ivan Ilych, has both of these notions contained within it's theme.

Ivan Ilyich is dying. As he grows sicker and fits less in with his fairweather friends and family and their preoccupation with their social life, they lea


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