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1. Title:Harnessing the Technicolor Rainbow: Color Design in the 1930s

Author: Scott Higgins

FileType: pdf

Publisher:University of Texas Press





Helen 2.0 Review: Objectively, this whole series so far has been fabulously written. Really, really skilled author.
Objectively, the book deserves five stars.

But... I'm only human, and subjectively I wanted to rip this book apart and then burn the shreds because it both makes me furious and scares me to death. Chaos Walking is the kind of story where every character is evil and corrupted in their own way and you're at a loss for someone to like/support. To make things worse, the main characters are children thrust


Nandakishore Varma Review: Americans, did you know that liberals are planning to destroy your country through immigration? If not, the redoubtable Ann Coulter will educate you. The sample of "facts" she has provided on her site to unmask this conspiracy is pretty impressive.

However, I am sad that Ann does not dwell on successful immigration strategies of the past, used in America, such as:

1. The use of smallpox on the native population

2. Forced migration

3. Bans on indigenous religion

4. Genocide

A chapter devoted to the abo


Clau R. Review: Uhhhhhhhhm...

I liked some things. I hated some things.


Teresa Christianson Review: I received a free copy and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Love this book. I am sure this is a situation that happens more often that we want to admit. There were several times that my eyes teared up throughout this book.

This book is dealing with how Carter deals with the loss of his best friend during war and survivors guilt because he survived and the injury to his leg because of the war. It also show how he feels everyone is treating him and how he deals with his guilt by drinking. When Fai


Brunii Review: Gostei bastante do livro apesar de já não estar a passar a fase de baixa auto estima e de que tudo me corre mal. acho que é um livro que todas as raparigas deveriam ler, quando têm a volta das 20 anos em que não têm muita coisa definida ainda. Eu digo que quem escreveu o livro é um génio e que tem razão em tudo o que diz .


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