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1. Title:3D Game Programming All in One

Author: Finney K C

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Thomson/Course Technology




Cait • A Page with a View Review: ALL MAJOR SPOILERS ARE HIDDEN.

Ok, I actually went into this with zero spoilers and very few expectations so that I'd enjoy whatever it turned out to be. I mean, I like scripts. Harry Potter is my life. We're good. So I really tried not to compare this to the HP books or look at it as an intense fan, but it's pretty underwhelming no matter how you approach it...

The story picks up at the end of the Deathly Hallows epilogue where Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Malfoy are seeing their kids leave o


Susan Snodgrass Review: What a stunning beginning to a new series! I was held captive from the first few paragraphs and was not let go until the ending, which I did not guess at all! Izzy St. John sees her partner gunned down at a stake out that went sideways and from then on, things escalate at a dizzying speed. Many of her siblings are in law enforcement also, including her mother and trying to solve this murder has attracted the attention of a decidedly bad element. With her life on the line more than once and with


Monique Review: One of the funniest and entertaining books I have ever read. My fellow staff member and I had a real chuckle over this re-issue of Baby Brains. This would make a really terrific book to gift new parents!


Lori Review: "It's filled with raccoons. They were eating cereal and stuff and rearranging the furniture."

These books are like a movie-snack: popcorn, candy, you get the idea. I laugh and smile every time that I read one.


BooksOfTheWestWing Review: I've always enjoyed reading from Four/Tobias's POV ever since I read "Four" and his parts in "Allegiant" I went into this short story already knowing a few things. Not going to lie I was seriously going to just skip over it and act like it never happened lol. I'm glad I read it now.

It's been five years since the events in Allegiant. Everyone is still trying to figure out how to live and not being in just one faction. Four is still mourning over losing Tris and it just hurt my heart to know that


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