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Lydia Wednesday Review: I definitely didn't go into reading this book expecting to feel bad about my life choices as an adult, but here we are.

This book is useful. That's all it needs to be but it's also entertaining. The illustrations are beautiful, as always, and the information is presented in an easy to understand manner with real life examples. American Girl always does a great job of being inclusive and it deals with all manner of lifestyles, including a section for children with divorced parents.

I would recomm


Randy Review: It's weird how dated books often get remembered for completely different reasons than the author could've possibly intended. I doubt Sylvia Plath thought to herself, "This semi-autobiographical novel will be a poignant look into my adolescence once I attain a cult following for sticking my head in an oven." Or, "I hope my book becomes regarded as a seminal work of postwar ennui and oppressive gender roles."

In The Savage God, A. Alvarez says Sylvia spoke of The Bell Jar "with some embarrassment


Sophia Review: i cried for nearly the entire last fifty pages and i can't even tell you why. it's not even sad?? this book is just really beautiful and very well done and so important. i need to go wipe my nose.


Nicholas Karpuk Review: "Pygmy" is not a good book. Unlike some of his other works, I'm not even going to praise him for experimentation, because what he did doesn't feel like all that much of a risk.

You will not find a review of this book that does not address the prose. If you haven't already read the book or an excerpt, please do so before continuing this review.... go ahead, I'll wait.......alright, now we're on the same page on the ridiculous way this is written. It's hard to adapt to because it doesn't feel like


Netta Review: Unlike many readers of this book who were well acquainted with Walter Isaacson and loved his previous works, I picked this biography being quite sceptical and absolutely unaware of how Isaacson approaches his subjects. His bibliography looks like a very impressive collection of genii of all sorts - Jobs, Einstein, Kissinger and Franklin. Surely, adding Leonardo da Vinci to this list must be tempting, but this task, if you ask me, was too difficult for Isaacson to handle.

Apparently, Isaacson can


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