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Aj the Ravenous Reader Review:
“Not everyone has to be the guy who saves the world. Most people just have to live their lives the best they can.”

If there’s a word that would best describe author, Patrick Ness, it would be ingenious. True, the story may not have the most adventurous plot but the premise sure is brilliant and completely original. I have personally never thought about the side characters, the ordinary people watching Katniss and Peeta fight for their lives in the hellish arena…

...or the kid watching Spiderm


Voula Review: I read this book quite some time ago. I generally don't read for enrichment, but this book is well worth it. It really clarified and explained how different kinds of people express their affection. It sure helped me understand others' non verbal communication. It was a good, fairly easy read with lots of wonderful wisdom in it.


Tori (InToriLex) Review: Find this and other Reviews at In Tori Lex

I was overjoyed to pick up with the characters in this series. This volume explained more about how Bitch Planet came to be, although there are still pieces to that puzzle missing. We catch up with the characters on Bitch Planet who are still trying to find ways to use their participation in the upcoming Megaton games as a form of rebellion. However in this issue we learn more about the horrors of male power being revered and unchecked at the costs of yo


Wandering Reader Review: The tone was a little different, but definitely the voices of Vic and Jacob navigating expanding spheres of their work lives, talents and relationship. I love their spark and this book is just as well-written, engrossing, suspenseful and fun as the other installments of this series.


Merry Jelks-Emmanuel Review: Tired of the sexual harassment she endured countless number of times from her boss, Heidi decides to leave her job especially after her boss tried to get her caught up in one of his tangles involving getting caught red handed having a fling with some woman in their car. She receives a call from a famous athlete who needs their help and specifically ask for Heidi. She accepts his proposal to assist and the relationship between Bradley and Heidi begins. What they didn’t expect was to fall for each


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