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Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Review: There will be a thousand reviews telling you about this book. I'm just going to ramble as usual. Expect no spoiling here.

We're here to blow shit up." He throws open his arms and cackles. "Any questions?"

I'm horrible about finishing series once I start them. My attention gets taken by another book and I don't have the best memory. That being said, I knew I had to see this one to the finish. Even though it took me a freaking week to read it. This book is a big old chunker. Not that a chunker is a


Holly B Review: Who's that woman in the window?

Dr. Anna Fox has spent the past 10 months inside her NY home. Her home is her safe place and she is too afraid to venture outside her door.

She entertains herself daily with the following activities:
-downing bottles of Merlot and popping pills prescribed by her physician
-following the lives of her neighbors through the lens of her camera
-playing online chess
-watching black and white films from her large collection of DVDs/mostly Hitchcock with some themes that may


Melanie Allen Review: Drew Sera wow just wow. This is the second part of Anthony’s story and you won’t be disappointed. We get to learn more of him and see how he comes into being a man. With Blake supporting him and finding new friends in Colin and Matt. You will all fall in love with Anthony even though we all know he had a tough childhood he is strong and the women can’t keep there eyes of him. If you haven’t read Saving Graves you need to before you read Being Graves.
The Irons club series is full of hot BDSM sce


Kris Review:
Philip Larkin in Oxford, 1943

Philip Larkin opens A Girl in Winter with a chapter, three paragraphs long, in which he describes England during World War II, suffering through a stormy winter, its people trying to carry on daily life through numbness and deprivation:

[The snow] lay in ditches and in hollows in the fields, where only birds walked. In some lanes the wind had swept it up faultlessly to the very tops of the hedges. Villages were cut off until gangs of men could clear a passage on the r


bookworm25 Review: Simply put, Haven, Lindsay J. Pryor’s first standalone Lowtown novel is amazing. No surprise considering it’s Lindsay J. Pryor. :)

With Haven, Lindsay has created yet another enthralling dystopian universe that neighbors the brutal world of Blackthorn. Like its neighbor, Lowtown is plagued by corrupt authorities that have allowed groups to selfishly and mercilessly take control of the entire area, leaving the rest of the inhabitants struggling to survive. With the strict restrictions keeping peo


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