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Jennifer G Review: Evelyn is a gargoyle in Chicago. As far as she knows she's the last gargoyle in the world. She's been alone since her parents were murdered fulfilling her role as a gargoyle, being a guardian of the world. So she lives with the humans as a rare bookseller part of each day and ruling the paranormal world the rest. She keeps the paranormals under control and punishes those who harm one another or humans. While following a demon case one night she encounters something, someone unexpected, another g


Clau R. Review: It's 4.5 stars. Not perfect 5 stars because the first part was a little slow and boring for me, but THEN the final chapters were so awesome and full of twists and turns and UGHHH Patrick Ness just loves to kill the characters I like!

Anyway, this book was so much better than the first one! I think that's because we get to know (not really, though) mayor Prentiss. He's one of the best villains EVER.

Also, I ship Todd and Viola so much.


Becky Review: I have been a King fan since I was 9 years old, which I'd say qualifies as lifelong fandom. I've read every book he's written that I can get my greedy fangirl hands on... but this... This was a clusterfuck. I had to literally force myself to finish it - a first in my 20+ years of Constant Readership. Even his weakest books have always kept me turning the pages out of a need to know what happens next. But this one... I truly didn't care. It was my need to be a King library completionist that kept


Kendall Review: In a nut shell... I wasn't that impressed with this debut.

Dr. Anna Fox lives in her townhome in New York struggling with agoraphobia. She has taken on some unique activities to help pass the time.... drowning herself with Merlot with a mix of pills, watching her neighbors, playing chess, and an obsession with her black and white movies. In between Anna's struggles with her agoraphobia she talks to her daughter and ex-husband frequently.

One day Anna is looking through her window and sees somethi


Mei Review: Yes, I liked it. But...

I wanted so much to smack Wen!!!

He involves Gerri in a dengerous mission, convince her that it's the best thing to do even if she's reclutant. She knows that he's pulling her on a almost suicidal mission, but she also know that as soon as Wen appeared on her doorstep he's already endangered! And still he insists! And he (view spoiler)[convince her to have sex with him an the spot! (hide spoiler)]


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