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Rhoda Baxter Review: I picked this book up because, as you know, stories about modern Asian women/ second generation expats is totally my catnip.

Raina is nearly 30 and unmarried. Her grandmother (Nani) is trying desperately to find her a husband. But Raina doesn't want to meet a nice Indian boy because she's still in love with her ex... who is still stringing her along. There's a lot going on in Raina's life - apart from things with her ex, she's not sure she loves her job anymore, her best friend Shay is having an


Rene Review: I am ashamed to say I had never heard of this book before. In my 28 years I have never heard of Charlie the Tramp. I recently got a chance to review a special 50th anniversary hardcover copy of this book, and instantly fell in love! Charlie the Tramp is about a beaver, named Charlie, who wants to follow his dream of becoming a tramp. A tramp just tramps around and does what he wants to all day, and sleeps in fields at night. Unless it rains, then they sleep in barns. His family is not too excite


Michelle Review: Of the first three books in the Brides of the West series, Hope was definitely my favorite! I loved the action, adventure, and interesting circumstances that led Hope to the future God had planned for her!


Sophia Triad Review: This is not a religious text.
It is poetic, it is philosophical, it is a celebration of life, nature and love.
It will make you calm, it will make you smile.
It will make you understand your own hidden truth.
You will enjoy it, if you like poetry and you do not hesitate to read something more abstract, but still very passionate.


William Barron Review: Short and interesting

Concise history of this hero including his involvement in the French revolution. Not enough of the book explains his imprisonment.


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