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New Fictions

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Nərmin Review: It was nice to read about each characters' personal lives) But I am more interested about what will happen to Soushi...


Ana Rita Review: My latest readings were to MC books and I've already lost count of how many I've read. But it really doesn't matter because I can't get enough of this genre and I'll read as much as I can.
The chance to meet new authors it's a bonus and the more I get to know the more in love with books I get, and this coming from a girl that used to hate reading it says a lot. Just saying.
DD Galvani is a new author to me and what a premier this was. Her writing is raw, simple and detailed, with a little bit of


Marcus Review: This is a ridiculous book. It is the letters exchanged between a poor old man and a poor young woman who live in the same housing complex but who rarely see each other for the sake of propriety. It's basically something like this:
"Oh Makar this week I lost my job and I'm running out of cash and I'm feeling so sick that I just might die! Whatever shall I do!"

"Oh Varvara, you poor child. Let me, as a father figure, send you some flowers and linens even though I have no money and will probably get


Natalie Review: I dislike the Lyle books for some reason. Slow. Trying to be too quirky or something. Can't put my finger on it. Our 3-year old gets bored with them too. The concepts are sort of social-more-ish and not in line with the audience they seem to be reaching for.


Mandapanda Review: What a unique story. A romance that is a cross between a Regency romp and Master and Commander. With a dash of the supernatural thrown in. It was intriguing, smart, fast-paced and had a great sense of adventure. Elinor was a great heroine. Very tame romance with no sex scenes. This was a Secret Santa (2016) gift. Thanks :)


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