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Linda Review: This Treacherous Journey is aptly named as it follows the physical and emotional journey of Emma Cason and Simeon Grant as the two travel through the wild and primitive interior of the Rocky Mountains with Emma’s brother Joseph. Anything that can beset them does, as author Misty Beller ratchets up the danger and suspense as to whether the trio will arrive at their destination. The descriptions are vivid enough for me to see, smell and hear what happens. I’m not usually a fan of prologues but thi


Rebecca Foster Review: Rumors of Great American Novel status abounded, but I found this Kentucky-based horse racing novel to be florid and overlong. The novel doesn’t really achieve takeoff until Allmon comes on the scene at about page 180. Although there are good descriptions of horses, the main plot – training Hellsmouth to compete in the 2006 Kentucky Derby – mostly passed me by. Meanwhile, the interpersonal relationships become surprisingly melodramatic, more fit for a late Victorian novel or maybe something by Fa


Carla Johnson-Hicks Review: What a wonderful story. Max and his grandfather have a very special relationship, but his grandfather is in a nursing home and has the "Great Forgetting". Max does not want him to live so far away, he thinks he will never see him, so one day he skips school and heads to the Nursing Home. He is going to kidnap his grandfather and take him to his "Happy Place". The big problem is that another resident sneaks out with them. They head off to the meadow where Grandfather and Max lie looking at the su


Louise Hallett Review: 4.5 stars - I've been kindly gifted 3 stories from the book to review but had already got this book on pre-order based on the amazing line-up of authors involved and the FANTASTICALLY cheap pre-order price.

******This is a review for Fated Possession by Cari Silverwood - 5 stars

This is a quick but engaging, hot and fantastic story from the Machinery of Desire series. Whilst it can be read as a standalone, and indeed Cari managed to briefly fill in the important details of this world, having read


Marcsi Review: 4.5 stars

I read this via an ARC from the author, for Rosie's Book Review Team

Fred's Funeral is a long novella, beginning with the death of Fred Sadler, in 1986. As he dies, his ghost floats up and observes his relatives at his bedside, and follows them to the funeral and back to his family home as they share their memories of him. The book then dips back and forth between present and past, to his childhood in Jackson Point, near Toronto, to his horrific experiences in the First World War, to the


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