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Rachel Review: The writing style of this novel was very refreshing. Just about each chapter is someone else talking to Lucia, a homicide detective. Lucia's questions to the witnesses are families are rarely recorded in this novel, but it does not make it hard to follow at all. Leaving the authority- Lucia- out of the testimonials makes the novel edgy and raw. The testimonials seem more raw and emotional this way. I also liked how Lelic took a controversial issue in our schools today and showed us what can happ


Emi Review: 3.5

Dans ce livre, il s'agit de romance certes, mais il ne faudrait pas seulement le résumer à cela.
Des livres de l'auteur que j'ai lus, je me souviens de l'humour, de la légèreté.
Ici elle aborde un sujet beaucoup plus fort et poignant avec la perte et le deuil.
Mais sans que ce soit jamais mélodramatique ou dans la surenchère de pathos, ce qui est appréciable.

J'ai aimé le côté un peu magique des rencontres de Julianne et Cooper.
Comme un coup de pouce du destin (ou de Laura peut être?)
J'ai aimé


Ann Review: Holy smokes, this book is dated! It's a nostalgic, but not cloying story of a 14 year old boy, his parents, neighbors, and friends. The cat is basically a prop to get the story going. For modern kids it will sound like historical fiction - record players? Harry Belafonte? Beatniks? People who think that spaying/neutering their pets is cruel? But it's a quick read and older elementary age readers should enjoy it.


Jamie Collins Review: A fun read. The plot is ridiculous (these are meant mostly as a parody of adventure novels rather than serious mysteries) but I enjoy the Emerson family very much. I look forward to watching Rameses' exploits as he grows up. I like Amelia's wary yet resigned attitude towards her implausibly precocious, accident-prone son.


Khanh (the meanie) Review: It was alright. It was just alright.

I know I gave this 4 stars, but to be honest, J.K. Rowling can write a dictionary with Harry Potter illustrations and I'd probably give it 4 stars, so my rating is almost irrelevant here, given my extreme bias.

The thing is, it was cute, it was sweet, it was entirely nostalgic to see the old crew again, but I hated the play format. As a person who grew up with Harry Potter, and who is in her early 30s now, I feel like I grew up with Harry Potter and the crew, a


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