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Zoë Review: 4.5/5

I saw the movie adaptation a couple of years ago and, ever since then, I've wanted to start the graphic novels. I'm so happy that I finally did, because this definitely didn't disappoint! I liked it even more than the movie because the art is used in such a clever way, so different than any other graphic novel I've read before (I've only read Maus and Fun Home, but those were for school.) The humor was great as well and I already ordered the next volume so I can read it soon!


Todd N Review: I find it more than a little upsetting that my hero Claude Shannon isn’t a household name. To paraphrase Fake Steve Jobs, “I invented the bit. Ever heard of it?”

Just like that 1919 eclipse proved Einstein’s equations were right, our entire modern digital world proves that Shannon’s equations were right.

He also laid the foundation for digital electronics by applying Boolean algebra to circuits with switches and relays in what must be the most widely cited masters thesis ever. I’ll bet it’s still


Kenny Hernandez Review: This book like really great also I love page 133-163 trust me on this book. This book will make you laught hard and cry hard because this book was base on me because I all ways is worry for the first day of school. It also talks about how Greg lose's his BEST friend but in the end of this book Greg and Rolwey(best friend) gets back to get together.


Julie Scott Review: Oh how I've missed my Anthony... So strong yet so vulnerable. This part of Anthony Graves life is so so horrible that I hated to read about it but it is this life that has got him where he is today. His young life so terrifying so miserable.. it is beyond me to think where/how he stands today... how anyone can come through this life is incredible. As we see his life starts to improve as his bond grows with Blake.. and of course his newly acquired brother, Colin and Matt. I felt so emotional thro


Apatt Review: I jist done readin thar book, why, Mas’r, it don’t make no sense to me. Why a man get treated like a dog by another man and the law is all right with that? I knoe it dont mean nuthin now we is all civilased with iPads and lor knows what, but whar was it ever OK?

Slave narratives are morbidly fascinating to me, it amazes me that slavery was ever “a thing” in civilized countries.

Uncle Tom's Cabin tells the story of a faithful, kind and extremely pious “Uncle Tom” and several characters associated


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