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Cait • A Page with a View Review: I'm not sure if I should call this one of my favorite books of 2016 or 2017, but it's definitely at the top of both lists!

The setting kind of feels like The Night Circus meets the first Pirates of the Caribbean with a bit of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus thrown in? The story is completely unique, though, and TOTALLY pulled me in.

Every single element was so well done. The way the whole story unfolds as a sort of mystery + quest with a deadline makes it a million times more addicting, but t


Tiffany Review: OHMIGOD!!! Hilarious! I loved this book (er, books, as the trilogy actually encompasses five...). I laughed out loud so many times; who knew what would come out of Adams's brain next into that story. It is the best of everything, adventure, story-telling, and that wonderful British humour of irony and blase-indifference, that, according to some people's reviews (I am supposing Americans, to be completely sterotypical...) is just boring and NOT funny. Well, totally got it. I totally loved every s


Michelle Review: This book is about a soldier back from the Civil War trying to find his place in a battle weary country. I enjoyed the historical nature of the book, the setting, the struggles, the hardships. This is a long book. The first half of the book was a real struggle for me because there was no action just a ton of information about the main character, his family, his friends, his love interest and the territory. It took me about 3 weeks to get through the first half of the book, it was just so confusi


Sarah Review:
“We shouldn’t be kissing on the floor of his bathroom and his hands shouldn’t be on my body and I shouldn’t be enjoying it.”

This was an okay YA contemporary romance about a girl who fell in love with her stepbrother.

I didn’t really see how Eden was going to fall in love with Tyler at the start of this book because his behaviour was just awful, and even she called him a jackass! He really wasn’t a nice person to be around at all, but somehow the attraction happened.

The storyline in this was m


Linda Kopec Review: Sizzling hot story with strong characters, family and history. Tanner has known Ava since she was a baby as her father, Dean, and he used to be business partners. Dean wanted to focus more on his family, so Tanner buys out his side of the company and their friendship is damaged. Fast forward about 10 years with Tanner having an extremely successful financial/marketing company and Dean's daughter Ava coming to work for Tanner. Secrets, misunderstandings and fear threaten the relationship blooming


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