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Hannah Review: The magic is still there <3

My video review is now up!: https://youtu.be/m-keJpzfFxE


Jim A Review: Breakthrough is the debut novel from Michael Grumley. I picked it up as one of the freebies from Amazon. I don’t usually read science fiction, but the combination of action thriller and science fiction was totally entertaining.

Although I haven’t read a Clive Cussler novel in quite a few years, this book reminded me of Cussler’s work in so many ways. The protagonist, Clay (Dirk Pitt), his partner Caesare (Al) and Borger (Rudi) are very similar. One of the dolphins is named Dirk, giving me furthe


Marwan Review: Wow, Peter Robinson's Books are getting better and better. I liked this one more than the previous three. I also love the bond between Chief Inspector Banks and his superior Gristhorpe, and I laughed when he said to Banks that he smokes like a bloody chimney.
The Story begins when a corpse has been discovered in a hidden valley near the village of Swainshead. its face has been crushed and the autopsy reveals that he has been dead for at least 10 days. After Identifying the body, some clues shows


David B Review: After renouncing his claim to the love of Jane Porter at the end of the previous novel, Tarzan has an eventful career as a French secret agent among the Arabs, the chief of an African tribe, and the captive of sun-worshipping subhumans, all culminating in a suspenseful reunion with his true love.

All of the pros and cons that can be cited for any Edgar Rice Burroughs story can be cited for this one as well. There is a continual and often ridiculous reliance on coincidence to move the action forwa


Paige Review: 4 "Destiny" Stars

Fractured Love was an emotinal second chance love story about destiny, finding your way and all the things that make up a love story. Landon and Evie's story started out as foster siblings who became best friends and then so much more. But when their secret was discovered, their relationship was ruined. Ten years later, desiny seemed to smile on the lovers as they're brought back together. Yet a lot can happen in 10 years and time became an enemy. As they once again build a life


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