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1. Title:Dangerous Properties of Industrial and Consumer Chemicals

Author: Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff

FileType: epub

Publisher:CRC Press





Eva Review: The first half was quite good, I would give it 3-4 stars, but then the book flagged quite a bit during the second half. Toward the end, I mostly skipped through it and the epilogue was allright but too sugar sweet for me.


Michael Fitzgerald Review: Based on this, the book Mama Small should be very, very short, because Papa Small pretty much does everything, from working all day to hanging the clothes to practically farming to fixing things around the house, going shopping, and helping with the cooking.


Michele Knott Review: An absolute love letter to reading and getting lost within a book and what a book can do for a reader.


Mely Review: I have a nostalgic fondness for Hotaru Odagiri: Only the Ring Finger Knows was one of the first yaoi manga I read. This is similarly sweet, not even shrink-wrapped: no sex, not even kisses.

Yuushi Kitou is the hard-working, gorgeous, apparently perfect president of the Outou Academy Student Council. He is drawn to Nagi Tokieda, one of the Council secretaries, who is cute and sweet and inexplicably given to asking friends if they like him. ("Like him?" every single one wonders. "*Like* him-like hi


Emma Review: Love these books.


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