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Just as the name implies, the book is packed full of twenty-three deliciously naughty sci-fi novellas by some of the most talented authors. With the theme of Alein Alphas, you know you are in for a treat. While I haven’t had a chance to read each and every story in this collection, I’ve had it on pre-order since the beginning of December 2017 and have anticipated its arrival. I did agree to read an advanced copy of three stories to be able to post a review


Brittany Vaughn Review: Some of the poems didn't resonate with me simply because I hadn't seen the movie or source of inspiration. However, many that I did understand had me laughing out loud! These poems are diverse and fun to read. I highly recommend this wonderful collection.


Catherine Review: Wonderful!

Another great story about River's End Ranch! I loved Anna and can't wait to see Taylor grow up! Thank you


Beth Review: Oh my gosh!!! I had to put this book down three times because I was laughing so hard I was crying! I couldn't see the pages through my tears. This book is for anyone that can't keep a straight face when discussing farting! (I'm laughing just writing this, and I am 45! LOL!!!!) The kids who are reading this series, are going to love this one! Now, I need to go fix my makeup that I cried off...LOL!!!!!


Maya Review: This is not my first book by this author and I actually started off with this series by reading the sequel of this story. I know, strange, but it worked for me. I liked the sequel enough to read this story. And I love, love, loved it!!! The story is a mix of greek ancient time, where gods still rulled the world and the present time where the gods sadly still rule but more so in the background. But it's not just gods and myths, there are also some other supernatural beeings that make the plot rea


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