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1. Title:Занимательная арифметика

Author: Перельман Я.И.

FileType: djvu





TheSkepticalReader Review: DNFd at pg 142 because of this nonsense:

I set out at a brisk stride, looking with contempt and pity at the other ladies I saw; laced into tight stays and teetering on high-heeled shoes, they were almost incapable of motion, much less a good healthy walk. Poor foolish victims of society’s dictates –but (I reminded myself) willing victims, like the misguided females of India who fought to fling themselves into the funeral pyres of their bigamous husbands. Enlightened British laws had put an offici


Patrick Review: I picked up Red Rising because a *lot* of the people at Worldbuilders were goofy over the books, and, by extension, the author Pierce Brown.

Earlier this year, when I went to a convention where he was going to be in attendance, the Worldbuilders team told me that if I didn't capture Pierce like a Pokemon and bring him back to the office with me, I shouldn't bother coming home at all....

I got to hang out with Pierce there, and he was irritatingly polite, witty, and charming. That, combined with th


Traci Haley Review: I debated what to rate this graphic novel. On the one hand, the characters are thoroughly unlikable. Scott Pilgrim is a vapid, useless lump of a man who is dating a high schooler because that's the level of his maturity/emotional intelligence. Ramona Flowers is standoffish and rude because it makes her look "cool". The only redeeming character was Wallace, the gay roommate. On the other hand, once introductions got over, during the last scene of the book (the concert and Scott's fight with the f


Maxwell Review: This novel is definitely not for everyone—probably why it has such a low rating here. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. Enright examines grief, guilt, and family trauma so universally in this story, though she uses the lens of one woman, Veronica, to do so. The writing is taut but immersive, and the story unfolds slowly and builds itself back up by the end to delivering a satisfying conclusion that will keep you thinking. I found it to be a dark but not unforgiving story. And though she tackles some


Craig Cottongim Review: Aided by an impressive cohort of mentors and legendary Christian Apologists, Qureshi brings to print a very valuable book, showing step by long step his transition from being an active Muslim to accepting Christ. Rarely do I put all other reading materials on hold to focus on one book at a time. Normally I'm reading at least six books simultaneously, but when I began reading Nabeel's narrative, I devoted myself to reading his story straight through. Written like a memoir, "Seeking Allah, Finding


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