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1. Title:Deutsch als Fremdsprache: Ein internationales Handbuch. 2. Halbband

Author: Gerhard Helbig, Lutz Götze, Gert Henrici, Hans-Jürgen Krumm

FileType: pdf

Publisher:de Gruyter





Joana Review: "Sinto a tua Falta" tem todas as características do género "chick-lit" e dentro dessa categoria é um dos melhores que tenho lido nos últimos tempos. O enredo parece inspirar-se no livro "Um Dia" de David Nicholls (que chega a ser mencionado a determinada altura. Estamos perante duas vidas que nunca se cruzam e que são narradas em paralelo ao longo dos anos. A história está muito bem estruturada, tendo a autora optado por se focar em temas como a morte, a família, o alcoolismo, o cancro e o síndr


Alexandra Review: Starting to read a new series is always exciting but it seldom happens that literally EVERYONE I read about had me wanting to know more about her or him. Combine that with a background that's mysterious and charming, a story that captivated me and didn't let me put down the book until I devoured it completely and lots of quirks and funny and sad and thrilling moments that were all right up my alley... oh yes, I found another one-click series here.


Mehsi Review: Not a very long review, I just want to put my thoughts out to the world. :D

This was yet another magnificent volume, though I do wonder how long the series will continue. Sawako is now in her last year, she is preparing (as are her friends) for entrance exams and future things. Maybe the manga will continue later with them in college, but I don't know, it just feels like the author is tying up the last strings, finishing the last things. Maybe I am wrong, but that is the impression I get from thi


Melissa Lee-Tammeus Review: Well, I have to give a shout out to every military wife out there after reading this one - good grief, I knew it was hard but this really opened my eyes to all the fear, worry, flexibility, and constant shuffling that occurs for those who give their lives and their families for the service. This is a great book that gives an account of one family that grows and changes according to a husband's dream to be a pilot in the Navy. We see it through the wife's eyes with flashbacks to her own struggles


Laurie Halse Anderson Review: Absolutely genius writing & storytelling, plus so much heart it will drive you to your knees.


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