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Kemper Review: I received a free advance copy of this from NetGalley for review.

You know a book is in trouble when it’s about a crazy maniac slaughtering people left and right, but you find yourself yawning a lot while reading it.

Back in the 1990s a brutal serial killer known as the Prophet terrorized the San Francisco area, and Detective Mack Hendrix was unable to catch him. Hendrix’s obsession with the case eventually destroyed his career and his family, but his daughter, Caitlin, has grown up to be a cop de


Karen Kearns Review: Brad is the Last Man Standing as the only sibling not married. In fact, he isn’t even interested in anyone; the closest he was to being even mildly interested in would be his sister-in-law Rylee’s younger sister, Madison.

Madison is a newly “retired” supermodel. As she is driving from New York City to Baltimore, a limousine is traveling the same route when suddenly Madison hears a loud noise and the limo jumps the guardrail, flips over, and lands upside down in a small stream. She stops her car,


Shirley Marr Review: Warning: Split-personality review ahead! I have scored this novel 3 stars, but as opposed to merely 'liking' the whole novel, I really adored the first half and felt terribly disappointed by the second half! Let me explain.

The First Half: 4 Star Worthy!
As soon as I saw the blurb of Thyla I knew that this was exactly the book I wanted to read. In brief: wild girl gets found in the Tasmanian wilderness missing her memory; the only thing she can recall is that her name is Tessa and the vague feelin


Matthew Review: This one is tough to rate. I liked the writing, but that is about it. The tone is so cynical and melodramatic it is almost painful to read. I can see this one between 2 and 3 stars, but part of me thinks that is too low, and part of me thinks it is too high.

Now, I am almost 40 and this book is about high school, so right away you might say, "Matthew, you can't relate!" But, I can, because I was there once: depressed over the smallest things, picked on, stressed out, writing dramatic poetry, str


Ann Review: Laura Kaye is hit and miss with me. This one was a miss. Story moved along smoothly, but I just couldn't buy it. Marco still having issues after returning from Afghanistan hasn't seen Alyssa in a few years. They see each other when she shows up to work at the bar where he’s working. He's all up and down, hot and cold bi-polar on her. Alyssa's been pining away in love with Marco for years…ok, believable. But when they finally hook up (once and only once) they're off again, then it's will you "Mar


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