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Sabrina Smith Review: Love it

I loved everything in this book. Total cliffhanger tho. I'm getting ready to read another. I love all your books


Cait • A Page with a View Review: These books seriously just keep getting better and better. The writing has improved SO much and the characters here are my absolute favorites. And... I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I actually liked Jace and Clary.

But just like with Lady Midnight, I was more into the actual characters than whatever the larger plot arc was. I guess I don't care that much about Malcom, Annabel, the book, the Shadow Lord, or most of that drama. Pretty sure anything (or nothing) could be happening and I'd be j


Maria Marshall Review: Hattie McFadden loved to explore the lake in her canoe. Hattie discovered all kinds of things out on the lake. Including Hudson, a friendly lake monster who likes her singing. But not everyone likes Hudson. It's up to the bravery, intelligence, and wisdom of Hattie and Hudson to change the town's mind and save a special friendship.
The illustrations draw you right into the bright, vibrant summer scenes at a sparkling lake. Van Dusen imbues Hudson (and the rest of the characters) with such wonderf


Althea Ann Review: 'Crap! My astronaut crewmates accidentally left me behind on Mars! I'm fucked! I'm going to die! Oh wait! I just thought of something highly logically unlikely and technically complicated, that I am sure to pull off without a hitch, because did I mention that I am Plucky and Ingenious? It sure is a good thing that I am super-talented! Yay! That worked! I'm not dead! [Next chapter] But wait! Disaster has struck! Shit happens, when you're stuck alone on Mars. Whatever shall I do? OMG, I just had a


Wandering Librarians Review: At Azure's school, prom is for the jocks and cheerleaders, so when Azure's principal offers her the chance to create and alternative prom for the whole school, she can hardly wait. Azure has plenty of ideas, but making them actually happen is proving a lot harder than she'd thought. And what's the point of prom if you don't have the perfect prom date? For Azure that would be her best friend Radhika. The problem is Azure's other best friend, Luke, is in love with Radhika too.

There were some thing


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