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Sydney Crawford Review: I read the book "Captive" by A.J. Grainger. It is about a girl named Robyn who gets kidnapped by extremists. She is held hostage in order to get her dad to give over a "terrorist". This is a very good book because it keeps you on the edge every page.
This book has a lot of plot twists, causing you to really dive deep into the information you are told. You are forced to question everything about the characters and the plot. Due to the constant plot twists, you are always trying to figure out what


Kylie G Review: oh dear, very tedious of quite a long time in the beginning. nearly gave up but persevered as I like to think that every book redeems itself. the story got a bit more interesting about 60% way through. until then, it was no accident that Finn was the accidental bachelor!!


Rachel Review: I liked this book. It took me awhile to really get into the story, I was confused in the beginning about what the main characters story was. The beginning through me for a loop, but once I was halfway in to the story I couldn't put the book down. The love between the two main characters is refreshing. The ending gets me excited to read the next book.


Kathy Review: I wish that I had shared this book with Dad, to see if the cultural and historical details ring true. A terrible blizzard struck North Dakota in 1941, one of those freak storms that were all too common. Alternating chapters follow the Sterling family: Doc, Kate & Jesse; and Zeke Dexter, the drunk driver responsible for the death of Mrs. Sterling and who has just been released from prison. Kate is still struggling with her grief, guilt, and resentment over the loss of her mother, and like mos


Boris Nikolaj Review: A fact packed thriller taking the reader on a breathtaking ride through South East Asia, China and the clandestine world of global espionage. Throughout the book, the reader picks up facts about a world where East meets West that must have taken the author years to research and compile. It's not just the excitement of the story itself but above all the minute details and facts with which the author keeps the reader glued to the pages that make this a MUST read. Some of those details perhaps unne


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