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⊱✿⊰ Alicia ⊱✿⊰ Review: 5 "The Fear Of Loving" Stars

WOW, okay so...............................

What a sad and depressing prologue, we are introduced to Eloise/Ellie as a little girl and read how she loses someone very close to her and how that will change the course of her life.

Chapter 1 starts with Ellie/Crystal (I'm just going to call her Ellie) 'dancing' at a strip club, she notices a very out of place good looking guy sitting in the back of the bar, doesn't think much of it until he approaches her.

Gabriel's child


Diane Ball Review: Lauren first met Graham when he became her brother's friend, he was quickly welcomed into their family, and for the most part acted like another brother to her... although she never really saw him that way. Lauren had a little crush on the handsome football player all through high school, and with each year that has passed since that crush has intensified, for her anyway... he just seems to continue to see her as a friend. Then on the weekend they were supposed to be celebrating his engagement,


Lisa N Review: I was really drawn to this book--I grew up in the south after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and my grandfather never learned to read.

This is the memoir of George Dawson, grandson of slaves, who enrolled in a literacy program and learned to read when he was 98 years old. I became emotionally invested in this book on the first page. Ten-year-old George goes to town with his father, hoping to get a piece of stick candy, and ends up witnessing a lynching.

It was very eye-opening to he


Cait (Paper Fury) Review: That was...awful. I'M SORRY. But this was written about excitingly and interestingly cereal box. Which kills me, because the premise is SO GOOD. Poisonous earth?! Kids being sent like convicts?! I really hoped it'd be like a sort of retelling of Australian convicts or something. BUT IT WAS NOT. It was woeful.

+ Survival. Since they're going back to an unpopulated earth.
+ Dangerous. Helloooo, freaky animals or whatnot!
+ Teens working together to figure things


sonja munson young Review: Sweet series

I enjoyed all 10 books. The characters were adorable. She was very detailed in their descriptions so you can visualize them as you read. Good twist when she throws a little misdirection your way. The last book was released on January 9th. I finished yesterday. Looking forward to the next book. Is wish she could write as fast as I read


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